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Student Services

At Radford we believe it is the right of every child to be provided with equal opportunity to reach his/her educational potential. There is a department called Student Services to cater for individual requirements. Head of Student Services is Ms Sally Godtschalk.

Curriculum support is provided for students with specific learning difficulties, a disability or special needs that affect their learning. Some students may need special provisions for examinations and assessments. Student Services staff communicate regularly with students' teachers.

Teachers are supported in differentiating their programs to accommodate diverse needs within the classroom and the assistance of a Special Teacher Assistant (STA) may be available within the timetable for identified students.

Support Based Learning (SBL) is a small class environment for students with specific learning needs in Year 7-10, helping to develop time management skills and provide learning support across the curriculum. Level Two Humanities is included in this class for Years 9 and 10.


The College employs two psychologists, a social worker and two Chaplains to be available for counselling for students, their families and staff. More details and an online booking service are available on the College intranet.