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Round Square

Radford College is a member of the Round Square group of schools. Round Square is based on the theories of experiential educational philosopher Kurt Hahn. Dr Hahn, one of the twentieth century's foremost revolutionaries in education, believed that schools should have a greater purpose beyond preparing students for college and university. He believed that it was crucial for young people to prepare for life by having them face it directly and experience it in ways that would demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution. Round Square is an organisation embodying this educational revolution.

The title "Round Square" is derived from a seventeenth century building at Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Round Square schools share an educational philosophy that supports the growth of the "whole person". This philosophy is based upon the Round Square IDEALS (an acronym that represents the six pillars around which Round Square schools function):

The common goal is to develop every student into a whole person through academic, physical, cultural and spiritual experiences. There are more than 80 Round Square schools located around the globe in Africa, Australasia, Continental Europe, India, The Middle East, North America and the United Kingdom. Activities include international service projects, regional service projects, conferences (regional at Year 8 and 10/11, international Year 10/11) and opportunities for student and staff exchanges.

Radford Round Square Coordinator: Mrs Beth girvan