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The Library is the central resource provider for staff and students. The Library aims to facilitate teaching and learning outcomes through ensuring intellectual and physical access to print and digital resources.

Our wide range of non-fiction and fiction resources in a variety of formats supports curriculum and some recreational activities. Students and staff have access to such resources as online databases, e-books, digital videos, magazines, and newspapers. Multimedia equipment is also available for students to access information and to create their own information products.

Rake in a good read

The Library enables students to:

  • become independent learners;

  • be confident using a variety of resources, including information technology;

  • value learning as a lifelong process;

  • demonstrate appropriate information skills development.

The program in the College Library:

  • is centred on resource-based units of work co-operatively planned with teachers and teacher librarians; and

  • is linked with information literacy skill development, the information process and student learning outcomes.

Searching for resources
Resources held in the Library and the teaching departments are listed centrally on the catalogue, which can be accessed both on and off campus via our learning management system.

The Library homepage on Radford Online (login required) also gives access to a variety of other resources for research.

The Junior School Library is open from 8.40am until 4.00pm on school days. The Secondary Library is open from 8.15am until 5.00pm on school days.

If you would like further information, please email library@radford.act.edu.au