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ICT (Information Communication Technology)

ICT is taught across all years and is integrated into all subject areas across the school.

The ICT Handbook

The ICT handbook has been compiled to provide information and guidelines for Radford College students and their parents/guardians on the use of ICT, devices for the 1-to-1 Program, digital citizenship, technical requirements, procedures, responsibilities and expectations in supporting the learning and teaching at Radford College.

The handbook is available on the Radford Online ICT page. Login is required to access this site.


1-to-1 ICT Program

Letters to parents 12 September 2014
Years 3-4 letter
Year 5 letter
Years 6-11 letter

Radford College's philosophy of learning and teaching is underpinned by a commitment to look constantly at learning experience that actively engages our students.  The College has invested substantial resources to ensure students have access to the most suitable and appropriate information communication technology (ICT), and is  introducing a 1-to-1 ICT program from the beginning of the 2015 academic year. The 1-to-1 program, which will see all students from Year 4 to Year 12 with their own personal device by 2016, will greatly enhance learning opportunities and allow our students to move toward more individualised learning.

The latest educational research shows that students who have their own device spend more time in collaborative work, produce work of a higher quality and length, engage more deeply in problem solving and critical thinking, improve research analysis skills and most importantly, are more able to direct their own learning.

The flexibility of a 1-to-1 program will enhance our learning and teaching by ensuring technology is available to support student learning in every lesson, initiating more student-centred learning, allowing the incorporation of subject specific software or apps into lesson plans, providing constant access to Radford Online (the College's learning management system) which includes communication with teachers and peers, allowing access to photos, digital resources, music, wikis and online videos, and ultimately increasing student motivation and engagement.

It is our firm belief that the 1-to-1 Program will add another dimension to the already rigorous and engaging curriculum and exceptional programs we currently offer. The ICT Handbook, available on Radford Online (login required), has been compiled to provide direction to staff, students and parents/caregivers on procedures, responsibilities and expectations with regard to this program.

Schedule for implementation of 1-to-1 ICT Program

* Full details of the Computelec 'Freedom to Learn' package are available on the Radford Online ICT page. Login is required to access this site.


1-to-1 ICT Program Questions & Answers

The attached Q&A will provide an overview of key issues, but parents and students should consult the ICT Handbook available on the Radford Online ICT page for more detail.