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ICT (Information Communication Technology)

ICT is taught across all years and is integrated into all subject areas across the school.

ICT in Junior School

A major ICT focus is the daily use of smartboards. There are smartboards in all Kindergarten to Year 6 classrooms. Students from Years 3-6 have access to computers in the classrooms, as well as a specialised Junior School computer lab and in the Library (Years 1-4) and access to Senior School computer labs (Years 5-6).

ICT in Years 7-10

Within Year 7 the strong focus is on the integration of ICT within all subject areas. Years 8-9 have specialised ICT classes which supplement the integration of ICT into their daily classes. Students may also take Information Technology as an elective in Years 9 and 10. They have access to computers in the Library, many classrooms and specialised computer laboratories.

ICT in Senior School

Years 11 and 12 have their own student student study area where a number of computers are located exclusively for these senior students. They are also encouraged to use the ICT skills acquired in their work at school and at home.