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Guidelines for the use of Radford Chapel

Written requests to use the Chapel are to be made to the College Chaplains, on Tel: 6162 6200. Application forms are available from the College reception. The Chapel seats 200.

1. Radford Chapel is available for baptisms, weddings and funerals of

(i) current Radford students
(ii) current Radford staff
(iii) members of Radford Collegians' Association
(iv) current Radford Board members
(v) current Radford parents.

Only the Principal can authorise the use of the Chapel for anyone not in the above criteria. Such authorisation would be rare and would only occur for very special cases. Priority is given to the needs of the College.

2. Application to the Chaplains for other services or events can be made, giving full details of the proposed use of the Chapel. Any such service or event must be in keeping with a place of Anglican worship.

3. All services conducted in the Chapel must be in accordance with the guidelines of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Anglican clergy are welcome to conduct services at the Radford Chapel. Clergy from other denominations need the approval of the Chaplains. The Chaplains are available to officiate at all services if required, and are willing to help or advise as requested.

4. The College may be able to provide a choir and/or music. Outside musicians must have the approval of the College before they may use the Chapel. All enquiries regarding music should be made to Head of Music. There may be costs associated with this provision.

5. Any printing of orders of services must be in accordance with copyright rules. Floral decoration of the Chapel is the users' responsibility. Confetti is not permitted.

6. Charges:


(i) Booking fee $150 payable to Radford College Chapel Fund
(ii) Chaplain fee $100 payable directly to the Chaplains
(iii) Organist fee is negotiable depending on time, payable directly to organist
(iv) Choir charge is negotiable depending on numbers, time and preparation, payable directly to choirmaster.


No charge, but a donation to the Radford Chapel Fund is welcome.


No charge, but a donation to the Radford Chapel fund is welcome.

Special events

Costs may be incurred for cleaning and caretaking.

7. Any damage must be reported to the Chaplains and be paid for within one month.

8. The Chaplains are responsible for bookings, dates and times, administration, security and payment details.

Contact the Chaplains
Telephone: 6162 6200

Chapel Committee

The committee will advise and assist the Chaplains with all areas of the chapel's operation. Meetings will be at least twice each term, or more often if they decide to.

The objectives may include:

Who may apply

It is hoped that the committee will be representative of each year level. A Chapel Captain will be selected from the committee.


Write half a page on why you or someone else would be a good person for this committee.
Interviews may be held with short listed applicants and nominees.

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Contact the Chaplains - Father Richard Browning and Rev. Dr Brett Morgan