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Radford Online for Students

Radford Onlinehttp://radfordcollege.sharepoint.com

Upon visiting the Radford Online URL above, there is a two stage login process. The first page will check that you have a Radford Online account that is connected to Office 365.
Then another page will appear confirming your Radford login details.

On the OFFICE 365 login page

Enter your ID number and add @radford.act.edu.au
e.g. 1234567@radford.act.edu.au

Click in the password field.

You will not be able to type further, as Office 365 is now communicating with Radford servers to gather your login details.

  ROL 365 Student Login

On the Radford Online login page

Enter your username@radford.act.edu.au and Radford password
username: 1234567@radford.act.edu.au
password: ******

Click Sign In
You will be taken to the Radford Online home page. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the layout and structure of Radford Online.

  Radford Online Student Login

Please Note

If this is the first time you have logged in, your account may take up to 24hrs before it is finalised.

Once your account is finalised, it is recommended that you ‘Follow’ sites that you will visit frequently. This will bookmark them for you on the Sites page.


If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact helpdesk@radford.act.edu.au and clearly explain the problem.
It is standard practice for IT Staff to wipe email accounts at the end of the year. This also assisted in the process of connecting your accounts to Radford Online.

If you require assistance in locating material in Radford Online, please contact the relevant staff member.

Email, SkyDrive, etc.

ROL Student Menu

Your Email is now connected with Radford Online. Click on Outlook in the top menu.

Your Calendar is now connected with Radford Online. Click on Calendar in the top menu.

Under About Me > My Tasks, you can enter your assessment tasks to assist you with planning and organisation.

You have a SkyDrive account. This is a 25GB online file storage area, just for you for school material. If you save your files here, you can access them through Radford Online on any browser – school, home, your parent’s work, etc.
No more leaving the USB drive in the computer labs or only saving it to the school network. Just drag and drop your files on your SkyDrive page.

There’s also a SkyDrive Pro app:

Your Account & Signing Out

Under your username (top right corner) is a drop menu for viewing your account profile (changing your picture, etc.) and Sign Out.

  ROL User Menu

What Will Student Access Provide?

For students, there will be access to all uploaded course materials, cocurricular, community and services sites, and so on. To find class materials, students may go to the year level site (Junior School) or department/course site (Secondary School). As this system is continually improved, we are providing basic access to materials and information.

You will see no personalised information about you e.g. timetables, grades, and so on.

We are offering our teachers flexibility in operating in this new system. Some teachers may elect to work from a different platform or application that is better suited to the needs of their class, for example Edmodo or Evernote. In this case, all core course material (unit outlines, assessment tasks, notes home); will be available on the department or year level sites.

About Radford Online

Radford Online is the College's Intranet for the purposes of communicating information and resources to staff, students, parents and caregivers. It is password protected for approved College users.
Radford Online is based around SharePoint and is part of the Microsoft 365 cloud hosted solution. It has been created on site, to meet Radford’s style and needs.

It will take time to achieve our goals as the community creates and learns to use this new system and we thank you in advance for your patience and support. New features may be designed and released at later stages as the system is used and reviewed. Our teaching staff are being trained to use Radford Online in addition to maintaining their high standards of teaching.

Radford Online URL


Please bookmark this URL on your computer, laptop and/or device.