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Radford College Calendar

To advise student absences, please contact the relevant reception area listed below directly.

Reception numbers
ELC Reception 6162 6298 8am - 4pm
1- 4 Reception 6162 5330 8am - 4pm
5 - 6 Reception 6162 6290 8am -  4pm
7 - 8 Reception 6162 6269 8am - 4pm
9 - 10 Reception 6162 6204 8am - 4pm
11 - 12 Reception 6162 6261 8am - 4pm
Main Reception 6162 6200 8am -  5pm

Dates to remember
20 Mar Y10 Music Recital
22 Mar Harmony Day - non-uniform day JS & secondary students
[JS & Secondary]
25 Mar Gunawirra 4 to G5/6 Handover & Information Night
[Service Learning]
26 Mar Dirrum Dirrum Symposium
27 Mar Year 8 Recital
2 April Radford Parent Prayers
3 April Year 9 Recital
9 April Foundation Day Concert

See JS Bytes for detail on other JS events.

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Looking over our own horizon
It was my intention this week to share a few comments about the My School website and NAPLAN scores. The My School website went live on Thursday and Radford’s results continue to be very encouraging. I will provide a more detailed analysis next week. However, I want the community to be aware of important steps that demonstrate how we are trying to look over the horizon and engage with the many significant issues that will impact the future of our students.

The Radford College Institute
Now in its third year, the Radford Institute provides an opportunity for professional conversation and engagement on a wide range of topics pertaining to education and to nurturing young people. With sessions offered four times each year, the Institute provides educators, parents and the wider community an opportunity to hear inspirational addresses that roughly follow the TED X approach. Amongst others, we have been able to enjoy addresses from Prof Dennis Goodrum on Science education and the formation of teacher standards, Ms Therese Rein on preparing young people for the future of employment and vocation, Melinda Tankard-Reist on the sexualisation of the culture, Dr Andrew Leigh MP on the efficacy of merit pay for teachers, Alistair Macgibbon on Cyber Safety and young people, Paul Dillon on drug and alcohol awareness, Dr Paul Porteus on Leadership that works and Jennifer Buckinhgam on Illiteracy in the "Lucky Country". I had the privilege of giving the inaugural address on Indigenous Education in Australia, hopes and fears.

Radford Institute speakers in 2012

This week we heard an address from Ms Diane Joseph, the Director General of Education and Training here in the ACT. She spoke of the challenge of improving an already high-performing education system so that every child reaches the potential for a fulfilling and productive engagement with society. It was another stimulating and provocative address.

I am grateful for the small, but faithful, number of parents who set aside the time to attend these sessions. They offer a rare and profound insight into issues that affect every student irrespective of their age. Watch out in Term 2 for the next Radford Institute session, which will continue to explore the constantly changing cyber world and the benefits and risks it offers our children. It’s worth the hour in a busy afternoon timeslot.

Dirrum Dirrum Symbol

The Dirrum Dirrum Centre for Values, Ethics and Compassion

Last year, without fanfare and ceremony, Radford launched a new Centre for Values, Ethics and Compassion. The purpose of this Centre is to provide a place for conversation about the profound questions that no curriculum structure can address.

We know that young people will soon confront complex ethical and moral questions of a kind unsurpassed in previous times; questions about the very nature of humanity, our right to exist, our obligations to work within the constraints of the natural environment, the just access to resources, and the nature of human relationships. Next week (Tuesday 5-7pm), Nikolai Blaskow will lead a discussion on “The intelligence of the innocent victim: bringing wholeness to a violent world”. This session will consider the origins of conflict and violence and the recognition of the forces that fuel the choices people make to pursue violent conflict. Later in the year, our own George Huitker will lead a symposium on “Losing and Finding Through Service”. In August, we will conduct a two day conference on the theme “Beyond Good Intentions” where we consider the nature of giving and of service in a needy world.

We have named the Centre after a Ngunnawal word “Dirrum Dirrum”, which means “red, of the earth”.  The name recognises the profound nature of our connection with one another, with the earth and with a search for respect and meaning.

As you can see, the College is trying to look over the horizon and to imagine the world we want together to fashion. We offer this to the Radford community mindful that a school has a greater responsibility than the provision of a credential or the award of ATAR scores.



Facilities Manager: Mr Robert Harris

It is illegal for non-construction vehicles to use the current CONSTRUCTION entrance off Haydon Drive. If you have, or cause, an accident, you will find your insurance to be void.

The College Street entrance is the only one which may be currently used by general traffic (parents, students, staff, carers, visitors). Please do not enter the College from Haydon Drive at any time for any reason.


Contact: Community Relations Manager Celia Lindsay

App android

Our App developer, Digistorm Education, has advised that the Android version of the Radford App is now available.  Apparently there are still some minor issues with the map on this version, but it’s a work-in-progress, like most of life! There are now 896 platforms using the App, 26 (3%) of which are Android "very early adopters".

The App currently has four elements:

If you require more information about College happenings than is available on the App, please login to the relevant section of RadNet.


Coordinator: Ms Claire Melloy
Archivist: Ms Katie Taylor

As part of Radford's 30th Birthday celebrations  we are planning to bury a time capsule. At this stage we are just seeking input/ideas as to what should be included in the capsule.
Ideas should be representative of the world and school in the Year 2013. If you have a great idea as to what could be included please e-mail our archivist,  katie.taylor@radford.act.edu.au 


College Administration


Every week the College sends out messages and makes phone calls to parents (e.g. re sick children) only to discover that our database records are out-of-date. This can mean that you are not getting the information you need, and we cannot contact you for important matters. Our Main Reception staff administer the College database and if you need to update your details, please e-mail Main Reception directly.


JS heading

Pre-K to Year 6

Head of Junior School: Mr Paul Southwell
Assistant Head of Junior School Years 3-6: Marina Malcolm
Assistant Head of Junior School P-2: Nicole Jaggers  
Junior School Reception: Mrs Anna Damiano

Catch up with the latest Junior School News

Please also take the time to:


Secondary School

Year 7 to Year 12

Chaplain: Father Richard Browning
Head of Senior School
: Mr Allan Shaw

Friday 22 March: Non uniform day (for both Secondary and Junior School students)
(NB: no money is collected).

Dress options:

1: “From around the world” (wear clothes identifying with a place, people or culture)
2: Jeans and something orange
3: school uniform.

Normal regulations apply for non-uniform. Please refer to the College diary.

Read more about the celebration of Harmony Day

Head of Middle Years: Ms Claire Melloy

Swap Shop Middle Years

In the interests of reducing, reusing and recycling the Middle Years are having a Swap Shop.

For those who want to participate we are asking that:

* Students in Years 7 and 8 bring in a maximum of 3 GENTLY USED items of clothing that they no longer wear.
* Students will be given a token for each item.
* On Thursday 11th April at lunchtime students will be able to exchange their tokens for items of clothing of their choice.

United Nations Youth Inagural Year 7/8 Conference May 7th
This conference aims to help young students develop their public speaking skills, leadership skills and seeks to educate them further about International relations and the UN.
Interested students should e-mail Ms Claire Melloy

SENIOR SCHOOL - Reports, Goals and Strategies
Head of Senior School: Mr Allan Shaw

Since the start of the school year, tutors in Years 11 and 12 have been holding discussions with the members of their tutor groups with specific outcomes in mind. By this stage, all students should now have had a discussion with their tutor, reflecting upon their report from last year. Those reflections should have led to the setting of some goals for Semester I 2013 and then have moved onto setting strategies to make those goals a reality.

I hope you have been able to have a discussion at home on these topics and if they have not been raised by your son and/or daughter to date, perhaps you might like to explore the topic a little further in a relaxed and conversational manner. In the small number of discussions I have had with students about this process they have been happy to talk about their reflections on Semester II last year and their goals for this semester. They seem to be quite realistic, even a bit tough on themselves, but sometimes also very optimistic about how much improvement can be made in a short time. They need the sage advice of the adults around them to temper but to also encourage the pursuit of the perhaps optimistic improvement regime they set themselves. 

There is much we can all do to encourage sons and daughters/ students to undertake the reflection, planning and thinking about past success and future goals and strategies that we have learned leads to success. It is a disposition we should all encourage in the next generation.




Director of Service Learning: George Huitker

Don't miss the Gunawirra 4 to G5/6 Handover & Information Night
See attached flyer for full details and photos of previous trips!

Date: Monday 25th March
Time: 6.30 – 7.45pm
Venue: Leyshon Lecture Theatre
RSVP: As soon as possible (light supper provided) Kim Stonham (kim.stonham@radford.act.edu.au)

On Monday 25th March, Gunawirra 4 Students will host the traditional passing of the baton over to G5 & 6 participants. This is a compulsory event for all those intending on travelling to Northern NSW on G5 and 6. The G4 team will be presenting slideshows from their trip as well as briefly talking about their experiences at each of the schools we have connections with. This will be a wonderful way for parents of G4 students to see the profound work their son/daughter did last year while giving parents and participants of G5/6 some vital information about the legacy that they are inheriting and no doubt will build upon.
The evening will conclude with allocations, hence the importance of attendance.



Father Richard Browning
Rev. Nikolai Blaskow

Reflection: The Fox, the Hen and the Sacred Heart
by Father Richard Browning

Radford Parent Prayers (RaPPers)
New Venue:
The Principal's office - above Main Reception
Time: 7:45am - 8:15am


Tuesday 2nd April [the day after Easter Monday]

Tuesday 30th of April
Tuesday 14th May
Tuesday 28th May
Tuesday 11th June
Tuesday 25th June

For further information on the Radford parent prayer-support network, please contact David on 0422 191 891, Ruth on 0439 510 209, Mary on 0419 625 513.



HOD: Mrs Suzanne Rentsch
Student Pathways page on RadNet

Access all the latest information on university courses, scholarships and admission information, further training, Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), apprenticeships, Gap Year opportunities, job vacancies and more. . . It is strongly recommended that ALL students and/or their parents from the High School and Senior School regularly check this section of the bulletin.


Drama and Music

HOD Music: Mrs Leanne McKean
Head of Cocurricular Music/Instrumental: Mr Joel Copeland
Music Administrator: Ms Sam Young
Music cocurricular page on RadNet

Music Performance Calendar
Music Rehearsal Schedule
Instrumental Studies - form and information flyer
(These documents are also available on the Music cocurricular page on RadNet)

2013 Music Camp - a huge success!
The 2013 Music Camp was held last weekend, with a superb concert performance by students of the Bernstein Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Corelli Chamber String Orchestra and Camerata Choir.  Thank you to all involved in making this weekend such an excellent learning opportunity for the students .  We also express our gratitude to those of you who were able to make the trip out to Greenhills to attend the concert on Sunday afternoon. 

Also, a well earned thank you to the students.  There were many examples of professionalism and dedication towards assisting to make the weekend an enormous success.  Your enthusiasm and maturity was appreciated and infectious!

Lost property:  Two music stands were left behind at camp.  If one of these belong to you, please collect from the Music Staffroom.

Year 10 Recital – 20 March 2013
Time: 5.30-7.30pm (students participating are asked to arrive at 5.00pm)
Venue: RA Young Hall, Junior School
All are welcome!

Year 8 Recital – 27 March 2013 – Registration forms due 15 March
Time: 5.30-7.30pm (students participating are asked to arrive at 5.00pm)
Venue: RA Young Hall, Junior School
All year 8 Radford students are invited to perform in this recital. 

Year 9 Recital – 3 April 2013 – Registration forms due 22 March
Time: 5.30-7.30pm (students participating are asked to arrive at 5.00pm)
Venue: RA Young Hall, Junior School
All year 8 Radford students are invited to perform in this recital.

Students performing at recitals are asked to complete a recital application form. The forms are to be returned to the Music Staffroom.  Recital forms are available from the Music Staffroom or electronically in the Cocurricular Music Space in RadNet

Foundation Day Concert – 9 April 2013
The annual Foundation Day Music Concert will be held in Week 10 of Term 1.  Groups performing on the evening include: the Bernstein Symphonic Wind Orchestra; Precision Percussion Ensemble; Camerata Choir; Radford Chorale; Corelli Chamber String Orchestra.

We invite you, your family and friends to attend what will be a tremendous evening of music!

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm (students participating are asked to arrive at 7.00pm)
Venue: Wesley Uniting Church, National Circuit, Forest

Students performing at this recital are asked to complete a recital application form. The forms are to be returned to the Music Staffroom by Friday, 15 March.  Recital forms are available from the Music Staffroom or electronically in the Cocurricular Music Space in RadNet.


HOD Drama: Mr Nick Akhurst
Admin: Bronwyn Brown

Drama cocurricular page on RadNet

Hanging on to your stuff from the 80s?
The Drama Department needs the following 80s "treasures" for the musical production:

If you can assist with any of these items, please e-mail HOD Nick Akhurst

Save the dates for these great Radford productions





1st – 4th May

7.30 pm, TB Millar Hall

Year 9 Production

22nd – 23rd May


Year 12 Revue

25th - 27th July


Dance Night

12th September


Dance Festival

18th – 20th September

At the Canberra Theatre times TBA

Senior Drama

17th – 19th October


Year 10 Shakespeare

4th – 5th December


The Musical - bookings open next week!
General bookings (through the online Trybooking system) will open on Thursday 28 March. Online ticket price total is $18, available until 2pm on the day of each performance. Tickets at the door or through PAC will be $19 each.

Performance dates are Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May 2013.







HOD: Mr Peter Haynes    
Administrators: Ms Bernie Leger, Mr Brad Luhrs, Mr Peter Wallensky

For latest Sports News, please visit the Sports RadNet section and enter your user ID and password.
Please be aware of the provisions of the College's Sports Policy.

Secondary Swimming Carnival
Contact: Mr Peter Haynes

The Secondary Swimming Carnival was held at Big Splash last week. After being postponed 2 weeks due to poor weather, the carnival proceeded in fabulous sunshine. The level of participation and involvement was outstanding  with Year 12

Highlights were the Kurrajong House BBQ. Well done to Captain Brendan Swan who brought his own BBQ along and cooked for the entire House. Wandoo also unveiled their new Haka. It was clear that a lot of practice had gone into the Haka and it paid off with an outstanding performance. Chants must make a difference as Wandoo had a magnificent day finishing a very close second to Kurrajong.
As always the themes were one of the highlights of the day with Beastly Banksia. Biohazard Boronia and Cook off Kurrajong leaving lasting memories.

The fastest swimmers in the school are recognized in the Golden Flipper event. Well done to Bonnie Zhang and Tom Mueller who both backed up their results from 2012.

The team for the 2013 ASC Championships will be selected very soon. This event is to be held at the AIS on Thursday May 2.

High School Point Score

  1. Acacia
  2. Karri
  3. Kurrajong
  4. Huon

College Point Score

  1. Kurrajong
  2. Wandoo
  3. Banksia
  4. Karri

Overall Point Score

  1. Kurrajong
  2. Wandoo
  3. Equal Karri and Acacia
  4. Huon
  5. Banksia
  6. Boronia
  7. Jarrah

(See JS Bytes for a report on the Junior School Swimming Carnival.)

Netball page on RadNet
Contact: Ms Bernie Leger
Just a reminder that Netball starts this Saturday 23rd March 2013 for all teams from Modified to Seniors, draw for this weekend is available on RadNet.  Good luck to all players, coaches, managers & umpires.

Rowing Masters Event - volunteers needed please!
Contact: Phillip Winkworth

Rowing ACT is staging the Australian Masters Rowing Championships here in Canberra from the 25th – 28th April 2013.  During this period there will be many roles that will need to be filled and most roles do not require you to have any rowing experience, so why not grab a group of friends or family members together and put your name/s down to help out?  Canberra Schools have been asked to get involved specifically with boat holding at the start line on Saturday 27th April 2013 from 7:30am-4:30pm we require roughly around 14 volunteers. Boat holders will operate in 2 shifts.  All boat holders volunteers will receive an event specific volunteers goodie bag, free event shirt/jacket/hat, complimentary lunch and access all day to the volunteer amenities tent with refreshments. If you’re interested in helping out please send an email to Philip Winkworth on Winkworth@grapevine.com.au


Student Achievements


Please send submissions for this section to the relevant staff member for approval and noting.
SPORT - Peter Haynes; PERFORMING ARTS - Nick Akhurst; ACADEMIC - Head of School/Department; COMMUNITY - Richard Browning; COCURRICULAR - George Huitker

There were a number of outstanding performances by Radford students at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships in Perth last weekend. Congratulations to these students!

Rowing Nationals
Congratulations to the following students who will travel up to Sydney tomorrow afternoon to compete at the rowing nationals, these students are: Alana Barry, Alistair Northam, Andrew Cameron, Angus Easthope, Angus Muller, Anna Brooks, Carrie Easthope, Cordelia Rentsch, James Stuchbery, Mark Wilson, Meg Haynes, Oliver Grieves, Ross Davidson, Ryan Cantrill & Sarah Davis.  We would like to wish you and the coach/staff attending – Philip Winkworth, Leslee Hodgson, Nick McDonald Crowley & Peter Haynes all the very best.

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the Interschools/ State Championships. Annie Creer, Amy Anderson Bowell & Tori Doak. The competition was made even tougher by the adverse weather conditions the girls had to ride in. On the first day, temperatures hovered around the 40 degree mark. It then rained for the remainder of the Championships.

Annie Creer
5th  Showjumping 80cm A2
6th  Eventing 80cm

Amy Anderson Bowell
10th  Combined Training 45cm
12th  Dressage 1C
15th  Dressage 1D

Tori Doak
1st  Dressage  1C
6th  Eventing 95cm
15th  Dressage 1D





CONTACT: PFEnquiries@radford.act.act.edu.au
Constitution of the Association

Save the dates
Gala opening: Friday night 31 May 2013
Show continues: Sat/Sun 1st and 2nd June 2013

Any parents interested in assisting the 2013 Art Show, please contact Convenor Hannah Baudert for more details, hannah@baudert.com or mobile 0412279788

Exhibitor enquiries: info@radfordartshow.net


Warm up for Crazy Night
If you want to get in the mood early for this year's Crazy Night, why not come along to see George Huitker live on Saturday, or the Junk Sculpture Band (with staff members Joel Copeland, Matt Heinrich and George Huitker) in their "Burning the Midnight Oil" tribute show?


Canteen logo

Contact: Linda Oakman (Canteen Manager)
Canteen menu (Junior and Senior)

More information about the Canteen ordering system.


Macdonalds Logo Header


Online Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop (on campus)
phone 6251 7550

Opening hours

Term 1, 2013
2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
8:30 am – 5:30 pm
2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
1:00pm – 5:30 pm




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