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Reception numbers
ELC Reception 6162 6298 8am - 4pm
1-4 Reception 6162 5330 8am - 4pm
5 - 6 Reception 6162 6290 8am -  4pm
7 – 8 Reception 6162 6269 8am - 4pm
9 – 10 Reception 6162 6204 8am - 4pm
11 – 12 Reception 6162 6261 8am - 4pm
Main Reception 6162 6200 8am -  5pm

Dates to remember
8 August Y5/6 Music Recital - TONIGHT
9 August Education Forum - Performing Arts - in PAC
11 August Crazy Night "Let It B" - bookings close TODAY!
11 August National Eisteddfod - @ CGGS
15 August Rowing Information Night
16 August Moderation Day - pupil-free day Y7-Y11
21 August Radford Institute Seminar - Alastair MacGibbon

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Isn’t Personal Best the Aim Really? What is success?

There is much being said in the print and electronic media about the present performance of our Olympic Team, especially with respect to our place on the overall medal tally. Some of it is harsh, discourteous and even cruel, lamenting our place in the list as deplorable and a national disgrace. Others take a more genial view about the results, suggesting that silver is the real Aussie gold. However, the prevailing mindset pre-eminently seems to focus on the tally and on winning the glittering prize.

Take for example, the following brief extract from an online article published following a press conference with Mitchell Watt’s silver medal performance in the long jump:

There, the topic was disappointing performance, his own and Australia's generally. It was too much. "The team's happy, I'm happy, the head coach is happy," he said. "The only people that aren't happy are you [media] guys. So you need to wake up." This reinforced his remark the previous evening when the "D" word first was tactlessly put to him. "If people can't realise that a silver medal is a big achievement, there's something wrong with them," he had said.

The writer then discussed when a silver medal is a triumph and when it is a disappointment, citing some events in swimming as a case in point. I rarely read the comments section at the end of such articles but this time I couldn’t resist. I must admit it was not edifying reading. (Read the online article.)

These kinds of conversations worry me – not only because they are frequently simplistic, ill informed and harsh but also because they can reveal the faintly hidden prejudices about national identities that seem so badly out of place in the 21st century. I cannot see why it is a national disgrace to Australia that Kazakhstan has won more gold medals (although I must confess to grudging admiration for the Kiwis!) The Federal Sports Minister and ACT Senator Kate Lundy tells us to take heart because “we’re up there with the best”. To be honest, I have been viewing the Games with such regard for the performances of competitors that I hadn’t really lost heart – except in my own sporting prowess. So what is success really?

A few weeks ago I met a Collegian at a social event outside of Radford. He was keen to know about how things were going at the College, about staff members who were still here and about the new buildings being planned. He wanted to know other really important things – like whether the 2012 Year 12 Revue was any good (I told him it was) and whether the Year 9 Camp still goes to the High Country (I told him it doesn’t). He then said that he was probably not the kind of person about whom Radford would be proud. He felt that his ATAR was not in the top ranks and that he only scraped into his University course. However, he said that he had passed all his exams really well, been travelling through Europe with other Radford people and had just gained a position in an accounting firm in Sydney. He planned to return to Canberra in a few years time.

The young man felt he wasn’t a success in his school years but that he was making a success of his life.  This conversation and others like it over the past few years have made me reflect on how our students view success and disappointment. In a school where high academic achievement is more the norm than the exception, it is easy for students to place exceedingly high expectations on themselves and to be stressed and disillusioned at times. I took the opportunity to look up the abovementioned young man’s history at Radford. It’s true that he doesn’t seem to have been decorated with awards and mentions on Honour Boards. However, he participated fully in the co-curricular program including in Community Service, he was involved in the Year 12 Revue and performed very soundly at all times. He appeared to have enjoyed life and had a good sense of humour that most of his teachers enjoyed most of the time. Who could ask for more? He sounded a success to me – someone of whom to be proud.

Whilst doing my birthday rounds in the last two days, I encountered Year 4 students using Mathematical skills to re-enact various Olympic feats. The students went down to the Mackinnon Oval and measured out 100 metres. They then stopped the watch at 9.63 seconds, the time that the Usain Bolt took to complete the entire distance, to see how far they had travelled. The quickest child had reached around 40 metres in that time. I also saw the same group attempting to emulate the Women’s Shot Putt Final distance of 21.36m achieved by Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus. They had marked out the full distance and, using a slight soccer ball, tried their own hand at reaching the mark. They all clapped one another wildly as each student had their turn.  Olympic competitors could have learned a lot from Year 4!

School years are precious and the experience of every child must be positive and inspiring every step of the journey. It is of incalculable importance that success is measured in more imaginative and more gracious ways that ATARS. We have high expectations of our students’ academic performance and we will seek to support each student to achieve the fullest potential. Radford will continue to strive for outstanding educational achievement, setting our sights on the broadest and most generous understanding of that term. Fulfilment and deep satisfaction comes chiefly from truly knowing that you have achieved your personal best and that you will continue to aspire to a life of service and commitment.

That’s a true gold medal performance.



SERVICE LEARNING - Finding self through service
Director of Service Learning: Mr George Huitker

Radford Students at Cranleigh School this week
The Year 10 Service Learning program involves regular visits to Cranleigh. Cranleigh is an ACT Education and Training Directorate school which provides educational programs for children (in the age range 3-12 years) with developmental delays, autism, moderate to severe intellectual or multiple disabilities.

Cranleigh 1Cranleigh 2

These photographs are included with with permission of Cranleigh School and of the parents of the Cranleigh students shown.


College Administration


Every week the College sends out messages and makes phone calls to parents (e.g. re sick children) only to discover that our database records are out-of-date. This can mean that you are not getting the information you need, and we cannot contact you for important matters. Our Main Reception staff administer the College database and if you need to update your details, please e-mail Main Reception directly.


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Head of Junior School: Mr Paul Southwell
Junior School Reception: Mrs Kerrie Shevlin

Catch up with the latest Junior School News

Please also take the time to:


Secondary School

Thursday 16 August
16 August is a student-free day for Years 7 – 11, AST Practice for Y12.

All Radford teachers will be in attendance at varying College venues around the ACT to monitor standards and validate unit grades awarded to portfolios of student work.
Year 12 Radford students will be required to attend school between 9am and 3pm for AST practice in the TB Millar Hall.

Head of Learning & Teaching
Ms Peggy Mahy

Education Forum - Performing Arts at Radford College
Date:     Thursday 9 August
Time:     5.15pm- 6.15pm
Venue: Room 62, Performing Arts Centre

Members of the Radford College Community are warmly invited to attend an Education Forum on the Performing Arts at Radford College. The Heads of Music (Ms Leanne McKean) and Drama (Mr Nick Akhurst), with Mr Joel Copeland (Head of Co-curricular Music and Instrumental Studies), will present on current curricula and co-curricular programs and current and future innovations being developed and implemented to improve  practice.

Everyone is welcome.

Counsellor: Ms Elise Woodman

Social Work Student Field Placement
The Counselling department welcomes our social work student, Karen Gaskill, to Radford College for Semester 2, 2012.  Karen is studying a Master of Social Work at the Australian Catholic University, and will be undertaking her field placement at Radford College in the High school and Senior school until the end of the year. Karen will be providing extra assistance to the counselling department. In particular she will be helping students at the beginning of term with organisation for the semester. Karen will attend all Year Assemblies to introduce herself to the students, and some students might meet with her during her placement under the supervision of the Counselling department. If student's are comfortable she may sit in on counselling sessions to learn from the Radford Counselling team.



HOD: Mrs Suzanne Rentsch

Access all the latest information on university courses, scholarships and admission information, further training, Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), apprenticeships, Gap Year opportunities, job vacancies and more. . . It is strongly recommended that ALL students and/or their parents from the High School and Senior School regularly check this section of the bulletin.

The latest Careers Newsletter <.pdf> can also  be accessed at RadNet>Shared Spaces>Interest Spaces>Student Pathways>Document Library>e-Bulletin


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Mr Peter Dodd

"Technology, our kids and cyber safety - how have we gone so far?"
presented by Alastair MacGibbon Director of the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra, CEO of the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (Aust) Ltd.
(Flyer with presenter biography)

Date: Tuesday 21 August 2012
Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Venue: RA Young Hall, Radford College Junior School
RSVP: Mr Peter Dodd Institute@radford.act.edu.au. Please confirm your attendance by Friday 17 August 2012

The Radford College Institute is an initiative of the College that provides in-depth discussion of educational issues that affect teachers, parents and students.  Seminars on topical issues are held once a term, and are open to anyone who is interested.  A special invitation is extended to the Radford Community for this event.  I think you will find the topic interesting, informative and important.



Father Richard Browning
Rev. Nikolai Blaskow

by Father Richard Browning

Going for gold and being satisfied

Radford Parent Prayers (RaPPers)
Next prayer meeting:Tuesday 14th August from 7:45am til 8:15am to RSVP and for further information on the Radford parent prayer-support network, please contact David Cohen on 0422 191 891.




Ms Karen Baker


Children's vision week

Children’s Vision Week is Aug 13-19, 2012. Read about issues affecting chidren's vision and eye health.


Drama and Music

HOD Drama: Mr Nick Akhurst
Admin: Bronwyn Brown

HOD Music: Mrs Leanne McKean
Head of Cocurricular Music/Instrumental: Mr Joel Copeland
Music Administrator: Ms Sam Young

Year 5/6 Music Recital – 5.30pm Wednesday, 8 August
Venue: RA Young Hall, Junior School
Time: 5.30pm
All are welcome!

Australian National Eisteddfod – this Saturday, 11th August
Venue: Canberra Girls Grammar School Hall
Time: 3.00 – 4.00pm
The Chamber choir are defending their U19 Championship title. Come and support them!

Radford College Choir to perform at Crazy Night – 11 August 2012
Radford’s College Choir will perform at Crazy Night this year with a full band, George Huitker and Junk SculptureClick here for further information about Crazy Night.

Evening of Fine Music – 7.30-9.00pm, Friday 24 August
Aa showcase of the finest Radford musicians accompanied by Radford’s Chamber String Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra.  Guest artist will be the Hall Village Brass Band.   

Tickets: $15 per ticket (includes entry and wine and cheese).  Tickets will be on sale from 13 – 23 August.  A link to the online booking system will be on the home page of Radford’s website throughout this timeframe and in next weeks’ edition of this ebulletin.

Year 1-4 String and Piano Recitals
Click here for instructions about how to register.

Year 1-4 String Recital: Wednesday, 15 August (Register by today Wednesday, 8 August)
Year 1-4 Piano Recital: Wednesday, 22 August (Register by Wednesday, 15 August)

These recitals are for year 1, 2, 3 & 4 students who have individual lessons in string or piano instruments (these lessons can be held within or outside of the Radford music program).  

Click here for a printable version, including details of location and groups performing.


Round Square

Coordinator: Beth Girvan
T: 6162 6292.
Round Square page on RadNet






HOD: Mr Peter Haynes    
Administrators: Mr Brad Luhrs, Mr Peter Wallensky

For latest Sports News, please visit the Sports Rad Net section and enter your user ID and password.
Please be aware of the provisions of the College's Sports Policy.

Summer Sports Registrations
Registrations for Radford Summer Sports  are now due. If your child wishes to play Cricket, Basketball or OzTag, or is interested in Rowing for the College, please click  to download the age group specific registration form. Summer Sports start in Term 4, 2012 but the registration groups are based on the year group of the student in 2013.

Students Yr 3/4 in 2013
Students Yr 5/6 in 2013
Students Yr 7 in 2013
Students Yr 8-12 in 2013.

Forms need to be completed and emailed back to the Sport Department.

Please note the age restrictions on each sport.

Rowing Information Session
An information night for students and parents new to Rowing will be held in the Pavilion on 15th August from 6-7pm.



Susan Hobson at Olympics

Australian Olympics Team Athletics Section Manager: Radford staff member Susan Hobson, pictured at the Olympic Village, with Josh Carter




Please send submissions for this section to the relevant staff member for approval and noting.
SPORT - Peter Haynes; PERFORMING ARTS - Nick Akhurst; ACADEMIC - Head of School/Department; COMMUNITY - Richard Browning; COCURRICULAR - George Huitker

Congratulations to Bonnie Zhang (9LB) who competed in the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships in Sydney last week, winning Bronze in 50 freestyle, Silver in 100 freestyle and Gold in her 200m, 400m, 800m freestyle races, and broke the records in the 200m and 400m.








Management Committee Meeting
Date: Thursday 6 September
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: The Boardroom (adjoining Accounts)

Twilight Fete logo
TWILIGHT FETE - visit our new Fete website NOW!
Fete date: Saturday 3 November, 3pm - 7pm
Fete Convenor: Stu Gilding
Fete website: http://www.radfordfete.com 

Start thinking now about how you can be part of Radford's major friendraising and fundraising event.
Visit the new Fete website, your one-stop spot for
all Fete information about:


CRAZY NIGHT 2012 - This is the last day to book for this event - payments due today please!
Date: Saturday 11 August
Venue: TB Millar Hall
Time: 7:00 pm
Tickets: $25 per head (tables seat ten) - please pay through Accounts Department by Wednesday 8 August (note that credit card payments attract a 1% surcharge).
Bookings: crazynight@radford.act.edu.au

This year, supporting Barnado's

B Crazy for a very good cause! Nor sure what this is? Read about the Background to Crazy Night

Crazy Night



Stay in touch with APFACTS (Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools).


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Online Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop (on campus)
phone 6251 7550

Term 3 Term 4
2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
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Contact: Linda Oakman (Canteen Manager)

Canteen menu (Junior and Senior)


College Street, BRUCE, ACT 2617 - Telephone: (02) 6162 6200, Email: reception@radford.act.edu.au