This edition: 25 July 2012
Radford College Calendar

Reception numbers
ELC Reception 6162 6298 8am - 4pm
1-4 Reception 6162 5330 8am - 4pm
5 - 6 Reception 6162 6290 8am -  4pm
7 – 8 Reception 6162 6269 8am - 4pm
9 – 10 Reception 6162 6204 8am - 4pm
11 – 12 Reception 6162 6261 8am - 4pm
Main Reception 6162 6200 8am -  5pm

Dates to remember
26-28 July Y12 Revue The Apocalist
26 July Education Forum - JS PYP: Part II
31 July Year 11, 2013 - Information Evening
1 August Y9 Camp Information Evening
3 August JS Athletics Carnival
5 August Choral Concert
11 August Crazy Night "Let It B"

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COMMUNITY - including Parents & Friends Association
OTHER NEWS - Crazy Night bookings, APFACTS, Uniform Shop, Canteen, Scouts, ACT Government Assistance



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The Radford Way
Welcome to Semester II at Radford College. We are in the midst of a period of quiet but dramatic transition. The world of education is changing substantially around us and the College itself continues to renew and progress with each new generation. It is essential that we adapt to change with agility, working hard to retain what Mr Graeme Wigg, our third Principal, once called “The Radford Way” – a commitment to outstanding educational achievement set in the context of a community that is committed to service.

Foremost in our minds during Semester II, 2012 will be the construction of our new Senior School facility. At the time of writing, the earth works are nearing completion and we will soon see the outline of the building take shape. The new structure will be located in the south-east corner of the Senior School precinct and will enjoy a marvellous outlook across the campus towards to the northern hills of Canberra. We will have five additional classrooms, a 220-seat lecture theatre, a three-tiered study “commons”, staff amenities and passive recreation space for students to gather. This multi-million dollar project will be completed by the middle of 2013 and will be a special part of the College's 30th anniversary celebrations. The vision for our Senior School building is to enable students to learn flexibly and to be supported to learn seamlessly in a stimulating and comfortable environment that equips them well, not only for the future of senior secondary education, but for the world of tertiary academia that lies beyond our walls.

In addition to developments in the Senior School, Radford continues to shape the educational offering from PreK to Year 10. The College, which was once a Year 7 to 12 school only, now offers education for children from 4 years to 18 years of age. It is an incalculable privilege to be charged with the responsibility of supporting families in such a powerful way for such a sustained period. As children progress through the College, however, it is essential that each sub-school provide a fresh and age-appropriate expression of the Radford Way. From the strong and firm foundations of the ELC to Year 2, the marvellously imaginative student-centred inquiry learning of Years 3 to 6, the firm focus on individual learning capacity in the Middle Years (Years 7 to 8), and the rich experiential emphasis of the High School (Years 9 to 10), students are able to be equipped with the technical skills and intellectual imagination and optimism necessary to thrive in the emerging world.

In the past few weeks, students have travelled throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. They have experienced a taste of the life of a refugee through the Year 9 Worn Soles Unit, they have travelled to the Gunawirra group of schools that provide education to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, they have continued to work with the people of Timor Leste to foster education and self-determination, they have constructed houses in Vietnamese village communities, and they have toured Europe to view major scientific sites. The classroom now is as big as the world and as the imagination will allow.

None of these things would be possible without the sustained and passionate commitment of the students, staff and parents that make up the Radford community. God has blessed this College with a superb community that is committed to outstanding educational achievement. I look forward to seeing you at one of the many community events at Radford through the coming term.

Congratulations Paul Southwell, Fellow of ACEL(ACT)
I am pleased to advise that at the AGM and Awards Evening for the ACEL (ACT Branch), Paul Southwell received the award of Fellow. The citation recorded his distinguished service in both Government and Non Government schools in Queensland and the ACT, including the formation of two schools from their inception and the establishment of the IB (PYP) initiative, the development of links throughout the ACT and his presentations at international conferences. 

Radford has been very blessed to have Paul Southwell's leadership in the formation of our excellent Junior School and we delight in the public affirmation that this Award brings him. 

A little bit of Radford Magic at the "Quidditch Olympics"
Radford students and Collegians have a proud record of representing Australia in a variety of sports, but something new has been added to the list - Quidditch! Tash Roberts (Y11) and Matthew Armstrong (Class of 2011) are part of a team of 12 representing Australia at the International Quidditch Association's "Quidditch Olympics" in Oxford. To learn more about the "muggle" version of Quidditch, have a look at this video from the UK Guardian newspaper, or this description of the rules from Bleacher Report.


Tash Roberts and Matt Armstrong play Quidditch

Tash Roberts and Matthew Armstrong


College Administration


Mrs Sally Mordike

Notice of Withdrawal from Radford
Families wishing to withdraw a student from the College are reminded that a letter to the Principal is required giving at least one term's notice to avoid any financial penalty. This letter needs to be signed by all/both the original signatories to the student's enrolment. A term’s notification not only helps families avoid the withdrawal penalty of half a term’s fee, it also means that new families can be offered places at the school in good time.

Please contact the Registrar, Sally Mordike, on 6162 6212 or by e-mail if you require any clarification or advice.
(No notice is required for students who will be leaving the College as Year 12 graduates at the end of the year, but notice is required for mid-year leavers from Year 12.)


Every week the College sends out messages and makes phone calls to parents (e.g. re sick children) only to discover that our database records are out-of-date. This can mean that you are not getting the information you need, and we cannot contact you for important matters. Our Main Reception staff administer the College database and if you need to update your details, please e-mail Main Reception directly.

LOST PROPERTY - Last chance to claim those items!
The unnamed lost property in Main Reception will be disposed of on Friday.

ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme
DET ACT or phone enquiries 6205 9300.
The ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme can provide financial support to eligible ACT residents for students in Years 7-10. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Applications forms (.doc file) may be obtained from Denise Manley in Accounts Department, or online from DET ACT.


JS heading


Head of Junior School: Mr Paul Southwell
Junior School Reception: Mrs Kerrie Shevlin

Junior School Athletics Carnival
The Junior School Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday 3rd August 2012 at Radford.  If there any parents, siblings, grandparents that are available to help out on the day can you please send me an email at Bernadette.Leger@radford.act.edu.au More information regarding the Athletics Carnival will be sent home with students shortly.

Education and Wellbeing Forum - Focus: Radford College Junior School
Part II - including approaches to Pastoral Care.
Everything you always wanted to know about the PYP at Radford...but were too afraid to ask”. -

Venue: Gold Room, Mulford Junior School
Time: 5.15pm -6.15pm
Date: Thursday 26 July

Catch up with the latest Junior School News

Please also take the time to:


Secondary School


Head of Learning & Teaching
Ms Peggy Mahy

Education and Wellbeing Forum - Focus: Radford College Junior School - Part II - including approaches to Pastoral Care.
Everything you always wanted to know about the PYP at Radford...but were too afraid to ask”. -

Venue: Gold Room, Mulford Junior School
Time: 5.15pm -6.15pm
Date: Thursday 26 July

DOS Senior School
Ms Suzanne van Strien

Information Evening – YEAR 11 2013
Date: Tuesday 31 July
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: TB Millar Hall

Current Year 10 students and their parents are invited to attend a Year 11 Information Evening on Tuesday 31st July at 7.30pm in the TB Millar Hall.  Information packages will be distributed and representatives from all major subject areas will be in attendance to answer questions.

It is important that all students and at least one of their parents are present to obtain the essential information about the program of studies and the factors involved in choosing courses for Years 11.  This will be the best opportunity available for you to do this.

Year 9 Camp
Bec Cashmere

Parent Information Session:
Outward Bound will be running an information session for parents of Year 9 students on  Wednesday 1st August 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the Leyshon Lecture Theatre.  This session is NOT for students – they will have their own information session during the day. This session is an opportunity for parents to find out more about the course and to have any general questions be answered by Outward Bound staff.

Medical forms:
These are available to download from the document library on the Year 9 Camp RadNet page. These need to be completed and returned to tutors by Friday 17th August.

Medical Concerns: 
If your child has a medical condition that you would like to discuss with the Radford Year 9 Camp Coordinator and Outward Bound staff you will be able to book a 15 minute meeting for the afternoon of 1st August, between 3.00 – 5.30pm to discuss how we can best care for them whilst on camp.  Please email rebecca.cashmere@radford.act.edu.au if you would like to organise a meeting.

Second Hand Gear
The uniform shop has a variety of new, near new and second hand boots, wet weather gear and clothing suitable for Year 9 Camp.  There are several pairs of boots have not been worn.



HOD: Mrs Suzanne Rentsch

Access all the latest information on university courses, scholarships and admission information, further training, Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), apprenticeships, Gap Year opportunities, job vacancies and more. . . It is strongly recommended that ALL students and/or their parents from the High School and Senior School regularly check this section of the bulletin.

The latest Careers Newsletter <.pdf> can also  be accessed at RadNet>Shared Spaces>Interest Spaces>Student Pathways>Document Library>e-Bulletin



Father Richard Browning
Rev. Nikolai Blaskow

Reflection: If not for others, then not for life
by Father Richard Browning

Radford Parent Prayers (RaPPers)
Next prayer meeting: Tuesday 31st July (week 2) from 7:30am til 8:00am to RSVP and for further information on the Radford parent prayer-support network, please contact David Cohen on 0422 191 891.



Ms Karen Baker


Scoliosis - read more!


Drama and Music

HOD Drama: Mr Nick Akhurst
Admin: Bronwyn Brown

Y12 revue Poster

Year 12 Revue - “The Apocalist”
Performances: 26th, 27th, 28th July, 7:30 pm
Venue: TB Millar Hall
Tickets: $13.00. On Sale in the quads or available at the door.

The Year 12 cohort would like to invite the community to witness the journey of students in trying to save the world from a plague – ‘2012 the end of the world’!

HOD Music : Mrs Leanne McKean
Head of Cocurricular Music/Instrumental: Mr Joel Copeland
Music Administrator: Ms Sam Young

Choral Concert – Sunday, 5 August
Venue: Radford Chapel
Time: 3.00 – 4.00pm
All Radford Choirs will be performing at this Concert. All are welcome to come along and enjoy a delightful afternoon of choral music!

Year 5/6 Music Recital – 5.30pm Wednesday, 8 August – application forms due on 1 August
Applications are due for Year 5/6 Music Recitals by Wednesday, 1 August.  These recitals are for all students.  Application forms are available from the Co-Curricular Music Space on Radnet and also located outside the Music Staff Room in the Performing Arts Centre.

Radford College Choir to perform at Crazy Night – 11 August 2012
We are please to announce that Radford’s College Choir has been given the opportunity to perform with a full band, George Huitker and Junk Sculpture, this year at Crazy Night.  Click here for further information about Crazy Night.

Evening of Fine Music – 7.30-9.00pm, Friday 24 August
This evening is a showcase of the finest Radford musicians who will be accompanied by the Chamber String Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra.  Guest artist will be the Hall Village Brass Band.   Tickets for this catered event will be $15 per ticket (includes entry and wine and cheese).  Details about how to purchase tickets will be advised in future editions of this ebulletin.

Term 3 Music Calendar
Choral Concert – Sunday, 5 August @ 3pm
Yr5 & 6 Recital – Wednesday, 8 August @ 5.30pm
Choirs Eisteddfod – Saturday, 11 August @ TBA
Yr 1-4 String Recital – Wednesday, 15 August @ 5.30pm
Yr 1-4 Piano Recital – Wednesday, 22 August @ 5.30pm
Evening of Fine Music – Friday, 24 August
Yr 9 Recital – Wednesday, 29 August @ 5.30pm
Yr 10 Recital – Wednesday, 12 September @ 5.30pm
Radford Celebrates Music – Thursday, 27 September @ 5pm

Click here for a printable version, including details of location and groups performing.

Music Handbook 2012
Cocurricular Music rehearsal schedule
Choir registration form



Round Square

Coordinator: Beth Girvan
T: 6162 6292.
Round Square page on RadNet

There are still a place available for the Parent/Child (14-15yr olds) on the Thailand Project during December of this year. Should you be interested, do check out details on RADNET>Interest Spaces>Round Square>Document Library>RSIS December Projects or email Beth Girvan for further details. We had a team travel on this project last year and have been fortunate in again having placement accepted for a team this year... it would be wonderful to have a strong Radford presence on this Project (in Northern Thailand with the Karon tribes people)

Catch up with the latest Round Square newsletter - look for Radford College on page 8!






HOD: Mr Peter Haynes    
Administrators: Mr Brad Luhrs, Mr Peter Wallensky

For latest Sports News, please visit the Sports Rad Net section and enter your user ID and password.
Please be aware of the provisions of the College's Sports Policy.

Any students in years 7 & 8 interested in being selected for the ACT School Sport Boys Cricket Team, competing in the 2012 SCHOOL SPORT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Barossa Valley from 8-16 December 2012, please contact natalie.taylor@ed.act.edu.au  please be sure to include name, date of birth and school in your e-mail. Flyer. 

Read the latest report (with photos) on the Radford Snowsports program.



Please send submissions for this section to the relevant staff member for approval and noting.
SPORT - Peter Haynes; PERFORMING ARTS - Nick Akhurst; ACADEMIC - Head of School/Department; COMMUNITY - Richard Browning; COCURRICULAR - George Huitker

Tai Kwon Do
Congratulations to Abbie Hanbridge (5JCr) and Zoe Hanbridge(1JaM) who recently competed in the recent ACT Tae>Kwon Do championships. Abbie Hanbridge (5JCr) entered two events and won gold and
bronze and Zoe Hanbridge(1JaM) entered three events and won three gold.

Congratulations to Caitlin Cantrill, who was selected in the Australian All Stars Football team at the end of the FFA National Youth Championships for Girls . She will train with the U17 Australian National Women's Football team. Caitlin will train with the National coach and has also received an invitation to trial for the Young Matildas.






Management Committee Meeting
Date: Thursday 2 August
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: The Boardroom (adjoining Accounts)

Convenor: Alison Wilson
The P&F Association is once again selling the popular Entertainment™ Books.
$11 from each book sold goes to P&F donations to College projects. Full details are included in the attached flyer. Please contact Convenor Alison Wilson with any queries.

Twilight Fete logo
TWILIGHT FETE - visit our new Fete website NOW!
Fete date: Saturday 3 November, 3pm - 7pm
Fete Convenor: Stu Gilding
Fete website: http://www.radfordfete.com 

Start thinking now about how you can be part of Radford's major friendraising and fundraising event.
Visit the new Fete website, your one-stop spot for
all Fete information about:


CRAZY NIGHT 2012 - Book now!
Date: Saturday 11 August
Venue: TB Millar Hall
Time: 7:00 pm
Tickets: $25 per head (tables seat ten) - please pay through Accounts Department by Wednesday 8 August (note that credit card payments attract a 1% surcharge).
Bookings: crazynight@radford.act.edu.au

This year, supporting Barnado's

B Crazy for a very good cause! Nor sure what this is? Read about the Background to Crazy Night

Crazy Night



Stay in touch with APFACTS (Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools).


Macdonalds Logo Header

Backpack Crest Issues - contact Macdonalds
There have been quality issues with the application of the Radford crest on some backpacks purchased between December 2011 and March 2012 (see attached letter). If you have any concerns related to this matter, please contact the relevant Macdonalds outlet directly on:

Online Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop (on campus)
phone 6251 7550

Terms 1, 2 and 4

Term 3


2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
8:30 am – 5:30 pm
2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
1:00pm – 5:30 pm


2:30pm  – 5:30 pm
8:30 am – 5:30 pm
1:00pm – 5:30 pm







Canteen logo

Contact: Linda Oakman (Canteen Manager)

Canteen menu (Junior and Senior)


Scouts Australia

Come & Try Scouts
You are invited to Come & Try Scouts for a FREE 3 week trial

What will I get from Scouts?

Confidence building
Life skills
Responsible risk taking
And much more…

Call 1800 SCOUTS or visit our website www.act.scouts.asn.au to find your local Scout Group



ACT Government - Rebates and Assistance
On a low income? Find out about concessions, rebates and other assistance from www.assistance.act.gov.au

College Street, BRUCE, ACT 2617 - Telephone: (02) 6162 6200, Email: reception@radford.act.edu.au