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# 3  Wednesday 22 February 2012

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Fri 24 Feb

Yr 5 Camp return 4.00pm; 6.30pm JS Movie Night

ELC Reception

6162 6298 8am - 4pm

Wed 29 Feb

Swimming Carnival K - 6

1-4 Reception

6162 5330 8am - 4pm

Fri 2 March

Yr 5 Photos

5 - 6 Reception

6162 6290 8am -  3.30pm

Mon 5 March

Reading Challenge Finishes

Main Reception

6162 6200 8am -  5pm


From Paul Southwell
Head of Junior School

I write this having returned from our year 3/4 Parent Information evening, and prior to journeying with our Year 5 students to camp on Tuesday morning.
I have truly enjoyed our information evenings to date, if nothing else, the passion and talents of our staff have been clearly on display. I look forward to our final evening for Years K to 2 this Wednesday 22 February.

I am also writing this standing up. As we move into the second week of our race around Australia reading challenge, I can tell you that the seat on a bike really hurts.  I also thank you all for your tremendous support of this our first shared challenge of the year.  I do enjoy hearing about the reading sessions at home. As I write, I am still "ahead", but being away for day one of the camp, may come back to a chase!

Speaking of early stages in our school year, I have been impressed with how well our new students are starting to settle in to this setting. We are now in the middle of the most difficult part of starting at a new school, as the excitement changes to routines. All have handled themselves very well - keep at it.

Classes are commencing to settle in to our Units and stand alone programs, Number and Wordwork sessions are starting whilst our current Units are as follows:

Pre Kinder     Who We Are - inquiring into the nature of self and human relationships including friendship

Kinder            Who We Are - inquiring into human relationships including families

Year 1             Where We Are in Place and Time - inquiring into relationships and interconnectedness of people over time

Year 2             Who We Are - inquiring into the nature of self and what it means to be human

Year 3             Who We Are - inquiring into physical and mental health

Year 4             Who We Are - inquiring into human relationships including culture

Year 5             Who We Are - inquiring into beliefs, values and spirituality

Year 6             Who We Are - inquiring into personal, mental, physical and spiritual health

Parent Liaison
I will shortly be writing to all families seeking Class Parent Liaison people.  Our Class Liaisons will meet with me twice a term, act as a gel between us and our classes for information sharing, fete assistance and also, look to develop family social activities.

School Photos
Held today, our Year Five students will have their photo day on Friday 2 March.  If you are having sibling photos taken with a Year Five student they will also be taken on this day.

Swimming Carnival
Our swim carnival will be held next Wednesday at Big Splash Pool Jamison. We are looking forward to our kinder students joining us for novelty events.  We are also looking to expand our program, whilst holding to ACT competition requirements.

Movie Night
Please come along to our family movie night this Friday 24 February from 6.30pm in the Junior School Gold Quad.  RSVPs and inquiries to Lisa Clarke lisa.clarke@radford.act.edu.au

A long week, with evening meetings or presentations each night, Princess Lara is not too impressed, but it is made easier by the number of positive emails from you.

Best wishes
Paul Southwell



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Welcome back to all of our families and a warm welcome to the new members of our Radford community.  This section of our Junior School Bytes is written fortnightly as a form of parent education about our Primary Years Programme (PYP), our transdisciplinary curriculum across Pre Kinder to Year 6.

We hope you enjoy reading PYP in Action and also strongly encourage you to attend one of our Conversations events each term, to assist you in understanding the PYP further.  

It has been great to see so many parents at our parent information evenings this year.  As part of our goal to continue to inform parents about the PYP, parent evenings commenced with a brief overview of the key elements of the programme.

Overview of the PYP
The PYP is an internationally recognised concept-driven curriculum that is designed to foster the development of the whole child.  The PYP is offered to our students from PreK through to Year 6 and focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching the heart as well as the mind and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development.  

IB Learner Profile
Defines the type of learners we hope to develop through the PYP at Radford College: internationally minded, lifelong learners.  These 10 attributes of a learner are explicitly used within classrooms and across the school, for the purpose of self-reflection, identifying strengths, setting goals and celebrating action taken by our students.  The Learner Profile is a great starting point for parents to use to assist your child in discussing the events of their school day.

inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled,
open minded, caring, risk takers, balanced, reflective

Transdisciplinary Units of Inquiry
Each year, students inquire into six transdisciplinary themes that have global significance for all students in all cultures. 

Who We Are, Where We Are in Place and Time, How We Express Ourselves, How the World Works, How We Organise Ourselves, Sharing the Planet

The six themes transcend the traditional subject areas of the curriculum, utilising knowledge and skills from across the subject areas to develop deep understandings called ‘central ideas’.  Each of the six transdisciplinary themes are revisited each year in the Junior School, so that the end result is a broad ranging, indepth, inquiry based curriculum: our Programme of Inquiry (POI).

Further information about the PYP can be found on Radnet
Radnet>Shared Spaces>Show all spaces>Junior School>Primary Years Programme

Scroll down to the bottom of the PYP page to the document library, where you will find archived copies of past PYP in Action articles and PYP curriculum documentation.

Why not join us at our first parent Conversations Morning of 2012?

Date:  Monday 19 March 2012
Time:  9-11am in RA Young Hall. 
Topic for Term 1:  Australian Curriculum and its impact on our Primary Years Programme of Inquiry.

In the next edition of PYP in Action, I will provide information about the focus of our curriculum professional development for 2012 in the Junior School- moving towards an inquiry approach to teaching Mathematics.

Nicole Jaggers
A/g Assistant Head of Junior School P-2
PYP Coordinator


Chess Lessons at Radford College 2012
See the Sports section of the Main Bulletin for information about Chess lessons at Radford.