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Leyshon Lecture Theatre Art Works
As you may recall, during 2011 we refurbished the Lecture Theatre and named it in honour of our much-loved Head of Senior School, John Leyshon. In the process of refurbishing this space, a few of us discussed the acquisition of a worthy piece of Art to capture the eye and enrich the heart. Although we held a celebration during fourth term to mark the occasion, the Leyshon Lecture Theatre finally is now completed by the addition of the breathtaking works by Kulumburu artist Mary Punchi Clement. I hope one day you can visit the Leyshon Lecture Theatre and take a moment to let the images wash over you. Mary has achieved an astonishing feat of intricate beauty with these works. They are by far the biggest and most complex that she has ever attempted and her whole community is immensely proud of what she has achieved. Mary is 64 years of age and speaks in her traditional Kwini language. She says:

“My father ‘found me’ at Ngarrandhu on the turtle, that’s my totem. He was a policeman tracker who used to bring parents and their kids back to the mission. He found my mother out there in the bush and carried her to the mission on horseback with him. They were both married already but they fell in love. I used to work in the convent looking after the sick kids but now I’m a grandmother and I look after a lot of kids in the community.”

Mary paints ceremonies and events such as dancing and hunting. The Wanjina is central to her designs but her themes include Mermaids, Kwion and Djulinya.  She paints with pigment on bark, canvas and paper. I believe that the task of stretching the work for hanging was a feat in itself.

The Leyshon Lecture Theatre at Radford College now enjoys a very significant Australian art work, one that we believe will have enduring importance. The fact that it is painted with traditional materials and depicts scenes of ancient myth and story makes it very precious.  It should never be touched by bare hands, which could do irreparable damage to the ochres. We are preparing a detailed chart, which will describe the spirit figures, the plants, the animals and the stories contained in the complex panels. It is hard not to be astounded by the loving detail and care of each image and to be impressed by the genius of Mary Punchi Clement, who lives quietly in the Kimberley outback so far away from Canberra. The work is a very fitting tribute to John Leyshon and completes the Theatre that bears his name. (Read the Artist's Statement about the images in these panels).

Art panels


Lecture Theatre Panorama

The Leyshon Lecture Theatre, with artworks installed.

Gonski Review
As you know, I was privileged to participate in the Gonski Review "lock up" when the Report was released. There has been a limited amount of public comment and almost none of it negative. There are many positives:

  1. The proposed School Resource Standard (SRS) will apply to all schools in all sectors
  2. There will be annual indexation of funding (though it is not clear how this will be calculated).
  3. There will be 12 year funding cycles.
  4. The Review called for an additional $5 billion to support school education.
  5. There is a guaranteed minimum public funding level of 20-25% of the SRS. Although the Report did not mention “entitlement” per se for all students, it is reasonable to suppose that 20-25% of the SRS is the baseline “entitlement” for all children.
  6. An additional loading is envisaged for all students, based on a range of indicators (low SES, indigeneity, NESB, school location, learning disabilities). This will flow to the student and the Loading will conform to the percentage of the SRS to which the school would normally be entitled.

Naturally, not everything in the Review is to everyone’s taste. The Review assumes an increased emphasis on NAPLAN scores. It will almost certainly lead to increased bureaucracy, and the calculation of the SES score will be of critical importance. There is little detail on the calculation of the SRS so schools will be watchful to see what happens. There will also be a changed role of AIS around the country. However, the overall picture reflects a skilful solution to a vexing problem in Australian political life.

Radford will be directly affected by any changes to the “funding maintained” sector. Over 50% of Catholic Systemic schools and 17% of independent schools are funding maintained. All but two independent schools in the ACT are funding maintained.  We watch and wait with some interest until the Australian Government makes its response. Perhaps things have settled well enough now to expect to hear something soon. I will keep you informed.

Visit of Alan November
The four Anglican Schools in Canberra have joined together to bring Alan November into the ACT to work with us on the future of ICT in education. This is a significant initiative, one that the four Principals hope will bear fruit in our schools. We plan to cooperate further to share resources, expertise and understanding so as to ensure that our students receive the best access to ICT to support their learning. Last year I attended several workshops run by Alan November and found him to be highly stimulating, practical and authoritative. He will speak to Executive staff and Board members, students and staff from each of the schools and finally, address an open forum of parents in the evening. The event is scheduled for Tuesday 13th March. Look for the information in the Learning & Teaching section of this e-Bulletin.

BTW – thanks for enduring the rain, for adjusting to the changed arrangements, for being patient with the increased traffic in the College and for your endless support. It is not taken for granted.




Parent contact details - please advise Main Reception
Every week the College sends out messages and makes phone calls to parents (e.g. re sick children, Swimming Carnival cancellation this week) only to discover that our database records are out-of-date. This can mean that you are not getting the information you need, and we cannot contact you for important matters.

Our Main Reception staff administer the College database and if you need to update your details, please e-mail Main Reception directly.


ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme

The ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme can provide financial support to eligible ACT residents for students in Years 7-10. Applications for Semester I payments must be lodged by close of business on 28 February, with payments made in March/April. With specified exceptions only, successful applications received after 28 February will be paid for Semester II only.

Please see the attached flyer for more information. Applications forms (.doc file) may be obtained from Denise Manley in Accounts Department, or online from DET ACT.
For enquiries please call 6205 9300.


Jocelyn Martin

Casual Canteen Staff required to work approximately 4-8 hours a week. Enquiries to Jocelyn Martin, Business Manager, jocelyn.martin@radford.act.edu.au


JS heading

Head of Junior School: Mr Paul Southwell
JS Reception:
Mrs Kerrie Shevlin

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College Nurse: Ms Karen Baker

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Read about Managing your child’s Asthma


Learning and Teaching

13 MARCH - Special Presentation by Alan November (flyer) [the flyer is a large file 1.6 MB but key details are covered below if you have difficulty opening it]
Head of Learning & Teaching: Ms Peggy Mahy

Alan November, a leader in education technology, will outline his vision of the 21st century learner and the critical skills needed by our young people to flourish and grow in our rapidly
changing technological environment at the following special presentation for parents and community members:

Date: Tuesday 13 March 2012, 5.30pm–6.30pm
Venue: Tim Murray Theatre, Canberra Grammar School, 40 Monaro Crescent Red Hill ( Parking available from the main entrance of Monaro Crescent).
RSVP: Numbers are limited so please register early for this special event community@cgs.act.edu.au or phone 6260 9606.

This presentation is jointly hosted by ACT Anglican Schools Radford College, Canberra Grammar School, Canberra Girls Grammar School and Burgmann Anglican School.

HOS: Ms Claire Melloy
Middle years page on the College web site

Note: The Y7 Y8 breakfast has been rescheduled to coincide with the new date for the Secondary School Swimming Carnival on 15 March. More details about this and about Y7 and Y8 Parent/Tutor/Teacher interviews attached.

On Tuesday 20 March, Y7 (9.30 am)  and Y8 (11.30am)  will participate in a Cyber safety production called "My Friends Dot Com". This production explores the issues of Cyber safety and Cyber bullying. It educates students how to identify and investigate the issues surrounding cyber safety and cyber bullying and it's impact on everyday life.

The whole question of online communication and the use of personal electronic devices raises other related issues for our Middle Years students. In Year 7 students are required to leave their phones/ iPods locked in their lockers during the school day. In Year 8 students can use their phones/ iPods in class ONLY AS DIRECTED BY THE TEACHER. Texting in class is never OK and will result in the phone being confiscated. Students must never take photos of other students without permission.

The Behavioural Expectations Policy is in Year 7 and 8 student diaries and is on the Middle Years page on Radnet. There is also a Parenting Tips document on Technology and Children that you may find useful.

Assisting with Assignments - Thursday
Date: Thursday, 8 March
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm (with light refreshments available 5:45pm- 6:00pm)
Venue: Secondary Library, Radford College
Contact: Curtis Watson 6162 6207 or library@radford.act.edu.au

Booking form

Looking for ways to help your children with their assignments? Assisting With Assignments is an evening for parents of students in Years 5 to 12. The evening is designed to equip parents with strategies to support their children as they work on research tasks. It will include hands-on exploration of some of the excellent resources available to students.

Feedback from past evenings indicates that parents enjoy the combination of learning methods, find the focused presentation very helpful, become more aware of resources on our learning management system, and appreciate sharing experiences with other parents.

Places are limited to around 30. Registration closes 24 hours before the event.For further information, contact Curtis Watson on 6162 6207 or send an email to library@radford.act.edu.au.

It's the National Year of Reading!
Find out more here: http://www.love2read.org.au/

National Year of Reading

Canberra children are urged to get reading and vote for their favourite Australian books as part of the 2012 Children's Choice Book Awards, which are celebrating their 21st birthday this year.
The COOL Awards are the Children's Choice Book Awards voted for by the young people of the Canberra region. ‘COOL’ stands for Canberra's Own Outstanding List.
Local children from kindergarten to year nine to vote via the Libraries ACT website to let them know which Australian books should be short-listed for this year’s awards. Find out more...

** Readers - don't miss the Canberra Lifeline Bookfair - 16, 17, 18 March at EPIC!



HOD: Mrs Suzanne Rentsch

Access all the latest information on university courses, scholarships and admission information, further training, Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), apprenticeships, Gap Year opportunities, job vacancies and more. . .

It is strongly recommended that ALL students and/or their parents from the High School and Senior School regularly check this section of the bulletin.




Father Richard Browning
Rev. Dr Brett Morgan 

Reflection: The Maths Of Grace (or when X-X is not equal to 0)
by Father Richard Browning


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HOD Music : Mrs Leanne McKean
Head of Cocurricular Music/Instrumental Studies: Mr Joel Copeland
Music Administrator: Ms Sam Young

Want to be in a choir this year?
JOIN NOW – For all choirs, except for Chamber Choir, please attend at the rehearsal time and register your name. If it is your first time being involved in Radford Music’s program, please register by completing the registration form.

Radford choirs available to Junior School children include:

Junior Keyboard Performers
Piano players in Years 5 and 6, please remember that the Keyboard Performers meet on Fridays at lunchtime in Room 64. Bring some music to play, as well as your lunch. Good listeners are also welcome :-)








HOD: Mr Peter Haynes    
Mr Brad Luhrs, Mr Peter Wallensky

For latest Sports News, please visit the Sports Rad Net section and enter your user ID and password.
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New dates:
Junior Carnival - Wednesday 14 March
Secondary Carnival - Thursday 15 March

Carnival Program and information for parents and students is available on Radnet>Secondary Swimming in the document library.

Contact: Mr Peter Wallensky

Please check the latest updated information on the Football Trials and season.






Management Committee Meeting
Date: Thursday 8 March
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: The Boardroom (adjoining Accounts)

ART SHOW @ RADFORD - Save the date!
Gala opening : Friday 1 June, 7:30pm in TB Millar Hall
Show continues: Sat 2 June and Sun 3 June

Make a note in your diary now, so you don't miss the annual Art Show.

Interested in joining the Committee?
The Committee has begun planning for this event and is looking for a few new members to assist in a variety of roles. If you are interested in becoming a Committee member, please contact Art Show Convenor Hannah Baudert (Hannah@baudert.com or mobile 0412 279 788). The next Committee Meeting is on 14 March 6 pm at Radford in the College Boardroom.


Radford Institute Logo

Hear Paul Porteous BEc, LLB, MPA, Executive Director of the Centre for Social Leadership and Visiting Faculty at Harvard Kennedy School speak on

"Leadership that Works"

Date: Wednesday 21 March 2012
Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Venue: RA Young Hall
RSVP: Mr Peter Dodd, Institute@radford.act.edu.au by Monday 19 March 2012.

This event is free, and is open to anyone interested. Read more about guest presenter Paul Porteous.


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Contact: Linda Oakman (Canteen Manager)

Canteen menu (Junior and Senior)


Online facility www.macschoolwear.com.au
Please contact MacDonald's directly with any queries about using or purchasing from the site.

Phone :02 6251 2660
Fax : 02 6251 2901
Email : info@macschoolwear.com.au
Web: www.macschoolwear.com.au
Shop location: Jamison Plaza, Bowman Street, Macquarie

 Radford uniforms Years 5 -12 are available from the College Shop, Macdonald at Jamison, and the new store in Gungahlin (in The G, upstairs).
 Sports gear and ELC to Year 4 uniforms are ONLY available from the College Uniform Shop or online.
 All Radford uniforms are also available from our Online Store www.macschoolwear.com.au


Monday 2:30 pm – 5.30 pm


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The Men's Shed - back in 2012 as The Co-ed Shed
Convenor: Mark Gannon, (w) 61626230
Tuesdays term time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Venue: Woodwork room on the Senior Campus (Room 51)

Do you want to improve your skills in woodworking but don’t have the space or knowledge to do it? Do you already have great skills in creating and building in the shed and want to share your skills with others? Big news for this year is that, by popular demand, The Men's Shed has become Co-ed, and is open to ladies as well. Come along and join us.

Please contact Mark Gannon with any queries.

Mens Shed bench

This is one of the beautiful benches made by the participants of the Men's Shed in 2011.


lifeline logo

Don't miss the Canberra Lifeline Bookfair!

Friday 16th March - 10am - 6pm
Saturday 17th March - 10am - 5pm
Sunday 18th March 10am - 4pm

at Exhibition Park (EPIC).

Come along and get some great bargains in books, magazines, records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, video, board games, jigsaw puzzles, comics, maps.... the list goes on. The Bookfair is held twice a year and is a very significant fundraiser for the Canberra Lifeline telephone counselling service.


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is the Australian Organisation for Young People Living with Cancer. Find out more.


College Street, BRUCE, ACT 2617 - Telephone: (02) 6162 6200, Email: CommunityRelations@radford.act.edu.au