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School Year Settling Well
I write this shortly after saying farewell to Year 5 children heading off to their camp in the Southern Highlands of NSW. This event is one of several camps and similar orientation experiences that mark the commencement of each academic year at Radford. The College seems to be settling well into routine and setting good patterns for the coming months. There have been a number of significant changes implemented this year and I am very grateful for the support of the community in making them happen so smoothly.

Year 7 Camp
The Year 7 Camp at Jindabyne during the past week seemed to be an excellent occasion. I appreciated seeing the tutor groups deliver their end-of-camp performances and seeing some of the amazing images from the week’s events recorded by the indefatigable Head of Cocurricular and Service Learning, Mr George Huitker. The Year 7 Camp allows our students an opportunity to form friendships that last. A longstanding Radford family shared with me that the friendships their first child forged during the Year 7 Camp in 1997 have continued strongly many years after finished school. Their fourth and final child commenced Year 7 in 2012!

This year’s camp was interrupted by a litany of passing storms, which made sleeping beneath the bivouac sheets for some groups very eventful. The students were very brave and remained in excellent spirits throughout the week. The High Country was beautiful last week. I want to record my thanks to the Year 7 tutors as well as our excellent Year 12 Prefects and the numerous visiting staff.

Year 7 Camp photos

Junior School Information Sessions
In the meantime, Junior School parents have been appreciating Information Evenings. My schedule only allowed me to visit one of these to date, but I was impressed by the large number of families who were present. I appreciate the dedicated efforts of Mr Paul Southwell and the Junior School teachers, who offered their time and enthusiasm so willingly early in the year.  These sessions help to establish clear lines of communication between the home and the College.  

The College Learning Management System (RadNet) continues to be developed. The old Intranet has now been turned off. Whilst we miss some of the convenience and familiarity the Intranet offered, it was based on out-dated and unreliable technology and had to go. RadNet offers so much more than was previously available and in due course we will all appreciate the benefits. Ms Susan Davenport continues to support staff, students and parents in learning more about how RadNet works. It will continue to take time for staff training and for further development and I appreciate your patience. We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

Thinking of them
Several of our students have sustained injury or illness early in the year. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, particularly with Peter Brown from Year 9.  A handful of other students have been unwell and we are thinking of them and their families at this time. One of our staff members has suffered a close family bereavement and we share her sadness and grief. Please let the College know if you need support during times of disruption or difficulty, whether it is through the class teacher, Team Leaders, Tutor, Year Coordinator, Head of School or my office.

The Gonski Review of School Funding
On Monday I had the honour of representing the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) at a presentation on the Gonski Review of School Funding. You will have noticed the media coverage in the past few days, although it has to be said that other issues in politics appear to be overshadowing this important Review. The Gonski Report offered 41 Recommendations, most notably the creation of a single School Resources Standard (SRS) that will form the basis for funding of all schools. The Non-Government sector is proposed to be funded as a percentage of the total SRS figure available, depending on the individual Socio-Economic Status (SES) of a school community. In addition, schools will be able to receive needs-based “loadings”, which are intended to provide support for a range of factors regarded as “disadvantage”. This is a most important recommendation because it removes the present barrier to funding students with disabilities in non-government and Independent schools.

The Gonski Report offers recommendations that are designed to address two main concerns in Australian school education:

  1.  the marked slip in Australia’s performance in international testing over the past decade;
  2. and the poor achievement standards of students from lower SES categories or from remote and regional parts of Australia.

The Report argues (p.xiii) “Every child should access the best possible education, regardless of where they live, the income of their family or the school they attend”. This aspiration is a very good one for our nation, and the Gonski Report is a skilful and well-conceived approach to meeting the challenge. I must confess I am less troubled by the suggested decline in international tests as a measure of effectiveness of school achievement than I am about equity for all Australian students. I concede that, in the end, the two issues are connected, but I find the alarm that some Asian countries have risen above Australia in the last ten years to be jingoistic and ungracious. But this is my personal view and you are free to reject it.

At the time of writing this letter to you, less than 24 hours has elapsed since the Report was released,  and it is too early to be definitive about its implications for Radford. We welcome its general thrust, its emphasis on lessening the confusing and divisive models of the past. We also welcome its recommendation to provide financial loadings to all schools that are sufficient to support students with disabilities. At the moment, Radford is denied access to funds to support children with disabilities simply because we are an independent school.

There is more to be said about this matter, but it seems to me prudent to wait for news of the Government’s response. We will continue to participate in the consultation that will now unfold. Let me conclude by acknowledging, yet again, how grateful we are for the private effort of parents who choose to have their children here at Radford.  This is never taken for granted and we take very seriously our responsibilities for careful financial management and planning.



Date: Saturday 25th February
Time: 9:00 am for 9:30 am
Venue: The Radford Boatshed

Radford is delighted to be naming a boat after our former Head of High School, Lisa Moloney. Lisa will be attending this event, and the Radford community is warmly invited to come along to see Lisa and be part of the occasion. It is not necessary to confirm your attendance - just come along!

The Boat Shed is located at John Cardiff Close, off Garryowen Drive ACTON. Parking is available adjacent to The Shed. Map of Boat Shed location.



LOST :-( and FOUND :-)
The ring that was reported lost in last week's Bulletin has now been handed in, to the delight and relief of its owner.
Can everyone please remind and encourage students to hand in any items at all that they find? Even simple things can be of great personal value to their owners because of their connections. Be kind - report that find!

Changed jobs? New e-mail address? Moved house? New mobile phone?
Every week the College sends out messages and makes phone calls to parents (e.g. re sick children) only to discover that our database records are out-of-date. This can mean that you are not getting the information you need, and we cannot contact you for important matters.

Our Main Reception staff administer the College database and if you need to update your details, please e-mail Main Reception directly (rather than teachers or tutors). This means that there is a written record of the changes you are making, and they will then ensure that all other relevant areas of the College are notified that your details have changed.

For student absences, please directly contact the relevant area listed below:

Pre K, K

ELC Reception

6162 6298 8am - 4pm

Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4

1 - 4 Reception

6162 5330 8am - 4pm

Y5, Y6

5 - 6 Reception

6162 6290 8am -  3.30pm

Y7, Y8 7 - 8 Reception 6162 6269  8am - 4pm
Y9, Y10

Main Reception

6162 6200 8am -  5pm

Y11, Y12 Senior School Reception 6162 6261 8am - 4pm

Please remember to check the I-CALENDAR regularly.  There are currently separate calendars available for (1) the whole College (2) High School - which also includes events for Middle Years Y7 & Y8 (3) Junior School and (4) Senior School, as indicated by different coloured sections In the sample below, where several calendars are being viewed at once. For more information on an event, click on the event box to view the notes which will include other relevant information such as venue.

Please ALWAYS view the College calendar concurrently with any others you are viewing, to ensure you see "whole College" items. Be aware that the calendar may take a few moments to load on your screen.

Calendar sample


ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme

The ACT Secondary Bursary Scheme can provide financial support to eligible ACT residents for students in Years 7-10. Applications for Semester I payments must be lodged by close of business on 28 February, with payments made in March/April. With specified exceptions only, successful applications received after 28 February will be paid for Semester II only.

Please see the attached flyer for more information. Applications forms (.doc file) may be obtained from Denise Manley in Accounts Department, or online from DET ACT.
For enquiries please call 6205 9300.


JS heading

Head of Junior School: Mr Paul Southwell
JS Reception:
Mrs Kerrie Shevlin

Catch up with the latest Junior School News

Please also take the time to:



College Nurse: Ms Karen Baker

Head Lice can affect secondary students too!
Find out more about how to deal with these annoying little creatures.


Learning and Teaching

HOS: Ms Claire Melloy
Middle years page on the College web site

Welcome to the Middle Years section of the Bulletin
The Middle Years Program is designed to help students find a sense of belonging in the ever-changing world around them and to foster a positive attitude to learning as they make the transition through adolescence. This means we aim to provide students with multiple opportunities to experience success. In these years the focus is still on skill development.

All communication is usually electronic, but once a term I will send home a Middle Years Newsletter (links are: Year 7 Parent Newsletter and Year 8 Parent Newsletter) and a hard copy as well. These have gone home with students today.

More information about Middle Years matters is available here.

Best wishes for a great term!
Claire Melloy

HOD: Mr Bruce Macdonald

has now been set up school wide for all pupils. Log in details will be distributed via class teachers in the Junior School and the Mathematics teachers in the Secondary School.  Most returning Radford students have kept last year’s login details. If there are problems, students should contact their Mathematics teacher.

There are many options available and they are detailed on the Mathematics Radnet page

Assisting with Assignments
Date: Thursday, 8 March
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm (with light refreshments available 5:45pm- 6:00pm)
Venue: Secondary Library, Radford College
Contact: Curtis Watson 6162 6207 or library@radford.act.edu.au

Booking form

Looking for ways to help your children with their assignments? Assisting With Assignments is an evening for parents of students in Years 5 to 12. The evening is designed to equip parents with strategies to support their children as they work on research tasks. It will include hands-on exploration of some of the excellent resources available to students.

Feedback from past evenings indicates that parents enjoy the combination of learning methods, find the focused presentation very helpful, become more aware of resources on our learning management system, and appreciate sharing experiences with other parents.

Places are limited to around 30. Registration closes 24 hours before the event.For further information, contact Curtis Watson on 6162 6207 or send an email to library@radford.act.edu.au.

It's the National Year of Reading!
Find out more here: http://www.love2read.org.au/

National Year of Reading

Favourite Books #2
Last week we had a look at some staff members' favourite books - this week the College Captains and Vice-Captains give us their recommendations!

College leaders' favourite books



HOD: Mrs Suzanne Rentsch

Access all the latest information on university courses, scholarships and admission information, further training, Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs), apprenticeships, Gap Year opportunities, job vacancies and more. . .

It is strongly recommended that ALL students and/or their parents from the High School and Senior School regularly check this section of the bulletin.




Father Richard Browning
Rev. Dr Brett Morgan 

by Father Richard Browning "Face Up".


Music banner

HOD Music : Mrs Leanne McKean
Head of Cocurricular Music/Instrumental Studies: Mr Joel Copeland
Music Administrator:Ms Sam Young

How do I register for a choir? – For all choirs, except for Chamber Choir, please attend at the rehearsal time and register your name.  If it is your first time being involved in Radford Music’s program, please register by completing the registration form. All choirs commence in Term 1, except for the Junior Primary Girls Choir (Years 3-4) which begins in Term 2.

Pirates of Penzance Orchestra – if you would like to be involved in this Orchestra please see Mr Copeland in the Music Department as soon as possible

Chamber Choir announced – List of participants available in the Choir Space on Radnet

Co-Curricular Music Rehearsal Schedule 2012 – available on the Music Cocurricular shared space in Radnet 

Wesley Music Scholarships – applications have been called for Music Scholarships and Pipe Organ Scholarship.  For further information:  www.wesleycanberra.org.au/music


Mr George Huitker

Sports Policy
Could parents and students to check the Sports Policy (also available in the Document Library of the Cocurricular pages on RadNet). Please contact George Huitker or Head of Sport, Mr Peter Haynes, if there are any issues relating to it. It is better to check if uncertain about any aspect of the policy.

All students who receive an exemption in 2012 will be required at the end of Term 3 to demonstrate active participation in the wider college life and a sound academic record. Exemptions may not be handed out in subsequent years if a student cannot do this. This is designed to encourage and ensure that students maintain a vital lifeline to their school community despite commitments outside of it. Our statistics and exit surveys quite conclusively show that students with strong and varied school-based cocurricular connections leave at the end of Year 12 the happiest both academically and socially.







Mr Peter Haynes    
Mr Brad Luhrs, Mr Peter Wallensky, Mr Anthony Pardy

For latest Sports News, please visit the Sports Rad Net section and enter your user ID and password.

Thursday March 1

All Secondary students are expected to attend. Students are to make their own way to Big Splash, Macquarie by 8.35am. They should be arrive dressed in sports uniform and consider the sun smart message. Students have already signed up for events in House Assemblies.  A Carnival Program and information for parents and students is available on Radnet>Secondary Swimming in the document library.

Get all the latest information about Football season 2012 - Trials, grading, FORF Welcome BBQ and more!

Chess Club has started up again this year in a new location! Every Monday lunch you can now find us in Room 84, also known as the Year 7 Games Room. If you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, Year 5 to Year 12, come along and see what we do. Our games range from the battles of wits to the more casual and relaxed and there is always someone on hand to teach you the rules. Competitions are starting soon for students of all ages so if you’re interested, bring your friends and we’ll see you there!

Chess Lessons at Radford College 2012
Learn from a chess master in your school chess club on Wednesday mornings!  Term 1 coaching with International Master Andras Toth begins on Wednesday 22nd February from 7:20am – 8:20am in Room 84.  Students will be guided through the fascinating world of chess strategy by an experienced coach from the Sydney Academy of Chess. ( http://www.sydneyacademyofchess.com.au/ ) Enrolment forms can be collected from Main Reception or Chess Club. Contact Brad.Luhrs@radford.act.edu.au with any questions.

Using structured lessons and chess puzzles, students will have the opportunity to develop their logical and creative thinking skills to solve problems, enhance their level of concentration, and improve their self-confidence through mastering a new skill.  With continued practice, the skills that children learn become especially useful in their future and studies have shown that learning to play chess can often improve the academic performance of students over time.  Chess can be a highly effective motivational tool as well, providing children with a stimulating social environment in which to learn.  We believe the most remarkable aspect of chess is not only what children learn, but how they learn.  We often see that kids can have so much fun playing with their friends, they don’t even realise they are developing those valuable skills.



Please send submissions for this section to the relevant staff member for approval and noting.
SPORT - Peter Haynes; PERFORMING ARTS - Nick Akhurst; ACADEMIC - Head of School/Department; COMMUNITY - Richard Browning; COCURRICULAR - George Huitker

Congratulations to Eric Mandl (11PZB) on winning 2nd place in the ACT schools secondary student category of the ACT Department of Health and Ageing "Life's Reflections" photographic competition. This is the third year that Eric has achieved a top two placing. http://www.dhcs.act.gov.au/wac/ageing/photographic_competition





Notice of Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 23 February 2012
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: The Pavilion at Radford College

Nominations for the Management Committee are to be lodged at the College's Main Reception by 4 pm on Wednesday 22 February 2012 (the day prior to the AGM). Nomination form

The Constitution requires a quorum of no fewer than 20 members at the AGM, so please note this meeting in your diary and come along! The meeting is generally concluded by about 8:00pm, so it's not a long event.

ART SHOW @ RADFORD - Save the date!
Gala opening : Friday 1 June, 7:30pm in TB Millar Hall
Show continues: Sat 2 June and Sun 3 June

Make a note in your diary now, so you don't miss the annual Art Show.

Interested in joining the Committee?
The Committee has begun planning for this event, and is looking for a few new members to assist in a variety of roles. If you are interested in becoming a Committee member, please contact Art Show Convenor Hannah Baudert (Hannah@baudert.com or mobile 0412 279 788). The next Committee Meeting is on 14 March 6 pm at Radford (location to be advised).


Canteen logo

Canteen menu (Junior and Senior)


Online facility www.macschoolwear.com.au
Please contact MacDonald's directly with any queries about using or purchasing from the site.

Phone :02 6251 2660
Fax : 02 6251 2901
Email : info@macschoolwear.com.au
Web: www.macschoolwear.com.au
Shop location: Jamison Plaza, Bowman Street, Macquarie

 Radford uniforms Years 5 -12 are available from the College Shop, Macdonald at Jamison, and the new store in Gungahlin (in The G, upstairs).
 Sports gear and ELC to Year 4 uniforms are ONLY available from the College Uniform Shop or online.
 All Radford uniforms are also available from our Online Store www.macschoolwear.com.au


Monday 2:30 pm – 5.30 pm


2:30 pm – 5.30 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am – 5:30pm




1:00 pm – 5.30 pm


The Men's Shed - back in 2012 as The Co-ed Shed
Convenor: Mark Gannon, (w) 61626230
Tuesdays term time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Venue: Woodwork room on the Senior Campus (Room 51)

Do you want to improve your skills in woodworking but don’t have the space or knowledge to do it? Do you already have great skills in creating and building in the shed and want to share your skills with others? Big news for this year is that, by popular demand, The Men's Shed has become Co-ed, and is open to ladies as well. Come along and join us.

Please contact Mark Gannon with any queries.

Mens Shed bench

This is one of the beautiful benches made by the participants of the Men's Shed in 2011.


Summer Springsteen by George Huitker
If you missed the fabulous Springsteen show last November, it's not too late to enjoy the George Huitker + Junk Sculpture Springsteen experience!
Catch "Bruce" and the band at a couple of different venues, including Teatro Vivaldi, in late February / early March. Flyer

Springsteen shows


Come and Try Scouting

You are invited to come and try Scouting for a FREE three week trial!

What will I get from Scouts?

Description: C:\Users\Celia.Lindsay\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\RITN2XN4\small logo.JPG

  • Friendship
  • Confidence building
  • Life skills
  • Adventure

  • Challenge
  • Responsible risk taking
  • Leadership
  • Fun

    And much more…

To find your local Scout Group, call 1800 SCOUTS, or visit our website www.act.scouts.asn.au

College Street, BRUCE, ACT 2617 - Telephone: (02) 6162 6200, Email: CommunityRelations@radford.act.edu.au