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Cocurricular (Junior School)

Radford offers a diverse cocurricular program, with the emphasis on participation, skill development, teamwork and enjoyment. Cocurricular activities are conducted outside school hours and participation by students is on a voluntary basis. Students have the opportunity to achieve many positive experiences through the cocurricular endeavour, as well as to improve relations between them and their staff and the wider community. Their experiences inevitably foster attitudes and values that students can keep with them into adult life.

Sport in Junior School

Cocurricular involvement in Junior School is available for students in Years 1-6.

Sporting activities offered include:

Basketball                Modified Netball/Netball
Cricket                    Rooball/Football
Oztag                      Rugby Union

Music in the Junior School
The practical application of music within the Junior School is through:

Instrumental Music
Instrumental studies are private music lessons held on a weekly basis with a visiting specialist instrumental tutor to build technical fluency, musical literacy and individual expression. Instrumental studies are the practical application of knowledge and understanding built in classroom music. 
Weekly, half-hour lessons are available at the Junior School with instrumental music teachers on the following instruments:

(Individual lessons in Brass and Woodwind are only available for students who can already play a particular instrument – beginners commence in Beginner Instrumental Program, see below*)

The scheduling of lessons will be arranged between the instrumental music tutors and parents. Most lessons will take place during class time on a fortnightly rotating basis to ensure that the same classroom lesson is not missed in succession. A lesson diary is used by instrumental music tutors to note practice sessions, times and set work. Reports are written at the end of the year and form part of the academic report.

Cocurricular Music
Junior School students have the opportunity of joining instrumental and/or voice ensembles. This provides a crucial social dimension to music making and is an important aspect of contributing to the school community. 
The following groups are available to Junior School students:  

*Beginner Instrumental Program (BIP)
The BIP Program is compatible with the ACT Instrumental Music Program. It is for students in Years 5, 6 and 7 who would like to join a concert band OR learn a concert band instrument. This program is the only avenue for ‘beginner’ students in these year groups to learn a concert band instrument for the first time at Radford. 

For further information please refer to the Instrumental Studies 2014 - form and information flyer

Other Cocurricular in Junior School

. Drama Club - Productions
. Chess
. Debating
. Oratory
. Green Team