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Current Enrolments

Radford College is currently fully enrolled in all year levels for 2014.

The enrolment process for places in 2015 into the intake years of PreKindergarten, Year 3 and
Year 7 began in March 2014. For all other year levels (non-intake years), offers are only made as vacancies arise. The College holds waiting lists for all year levels.

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Enrolment Policy

The enrolment policy of Radford College is non-selective: offers of places do not depend on criteria such as academic, sporting or co-curricular performance, where a student lives or their current school, or their religion or community involvement. A child’s date of registration on the waiting list is the major factor when offering places at Radford College.

The College offers equal number of places to boys and girls at its main entry points and endeavours to maintain a gender balance in all year levels. To this end, the College maintains separate girls and boys waiting lists.

Preference is given to children of permanent staff, siblings, children of Collegians (former students) and children of practising Anglican clergy. The overarching enrolment policy is that enrolment offers are based on the chronological date of registration by gender.

Parents wishing to enrol their children at Radford College must be prepared to support the policies, rules and discipline of the College.



Radford College does not offer scholarships or bursaries.

International Students

Radford College does not have the necessary registration to enrol international/overseas students. A child needs Australian citizenship or a permanent residency visa in order to attend Radford College.

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Registration for the Waiting List

Entry points at Radford College
Normal entry points each year at Radford College are PreKindergarten, Year 3 and Year 7. Places in other year levels are only available as vacancies arise.

Registering interest
On deciding that you would like your child to attend Radford College in the future, the first step is to register your child’s name on the Radford College waiting list.

All registrations received are placed on a specific waiting list according to preferred academic year level/calendar year of entry (for example ‘Year 3 2015’, or ‘Year 7 2018’), with separate lists for girls and boys.  For each waitlist, children’s names are ranked in chronological order by their original date of registration, after priority students.

Students can only be on one list at a time: if a place is not available for the preferred academic year level/calendar year of entry, your child’s name shall automatically roll up each year to successive year levels, retaining (and being ranked by) their original date of registration.

Parents are recommended to place children’s names on the earliest year level waiting list that they would be interested in an offer of a place (for example, if interested in a place in either Year 3 2015 or Year 7 2019, placing a child’s name on the Year 3 2015 list would mean they would be on the correct list for a possible place from Year 3 onwards. If placed on the Year 7 2019 waiting list, they would only be considered for a possible place from Year 7 onwards).

Cost of registration
Registration incurs a non-refundable registration fee of $150 per child, and all siblings must be individually registered. The registration fee covers administrative costs and information provision while names are on the waiting list.

Registration form
To register children on the Radford College waiting list, this Application for Registration form can be downloaded (you will require Adobe Reader V8). Please note that this online registration is not available to Apple MAC users. This form allows you to submit your registration online if paying by credit card. Alternatively, you may print the form and mail it (with your payment) to:

The Registrar
Radford College
1 College Street

Please note that the payment of the registration fee does not guarantee enrolment in the future.

Once a completed registration form is received at the College, you will receive an email response from the Registrar within three working days, acknowledging receipt of your application. (If you do not receive the email notification, please contact the Registrar on (02) 6162 6212). Once your application for registration has been fully processed, a letter of confirmation and receipts will be posted out to you.

Age Requirements for PreKindergarten entry
The ACT Department of Education requires that children have attained the age of four by 30 April in order to be eligible to start preschool in that year. Radford College PreKindergarten (full time preschool) is bound by this requirement. For example, if your child turns four on or before 30 April 2017, they would be eligible to start preschool in Term 1, 2017. If your child turns four after 30 April 2017, they would be eligible to start preschool in Term 1, 2018.

Changes to preferred year of entry
Once a child’s name has been registered on the waiting list, families are welcome to change their preferred year of entry at a later date, by emailing the Registrar with change requests. Any changes made shall be confirmed via email.

Changes to family contact details
Families are responsible for keeping their contact details up to date with the Registrar’s office, should they change after registration on the waiting list. These changes need to be in writing (via email is sufficient), and any changes made shall be confirmed via email.


Enrolment Process

Enrolment process for intake years
The enrolment process for intake years (PreKindergarten, Year 3 and Year 7) begins one calendar year ahead, and the relative position of a child on the waiting list does not crystallise till this time. For this reason, the College is only able to comment generally on a student's place on the waiting list according to their date of registration. (Please see Frequently Asked Questions below for an explanation on why it is not possible to be told what ‘number’ your child is on the list.)

During the year prior to the preferred entry into PreKindergarten and Years 3 and 7, information evenings are held for potential PreKindergarten, Year 3 and Year 7 families.  Following these information sessions, initially successful applicants will be notified in writing via a letter of invitation to an interview with the appropriate Head of School. The interview gives families an opportunity to find out more about the College, and at that time a formal letter of offer and enrolment information is given to families. After the interview, families are given ten days to accept or decline the offer of a place.

The enrolment process continues throughout the year: if a family declines an offer, the next child on the waiting list (in chronological order) is posted an invitation to interview.  The process continues until all available places have been accepted.

When accepting an offer, parents are asked to sign enrolment forms (see signatories policy) and pay an enrolment fee of $750 and a student deposit of $1250. The deposit will be refunded (less any outstanding debits) when the student leaves the College.

If no offer is forthcoming for an intake year
Families will be contacted by the Registrar if Radford College is able to make an offer for their child to attend at the requested year level. By the end of the year all parents whose child can be offered a place will have been notified.

Should a place not be offered to you for your child, then your child’s name will roll up in the database to each successive year, retaining and being ranked by their original date of registration. A student’s name will not be removed from the waiting list unless the College is notified in writing.

Notifications will not be sent indicating that a student has not been successful in gaining a place.

Enrolment process for non-intake years
Places in Kindergarten, Years 1-2, Years 4-6 and from Year 8 onwards are only available should a student withdraw from the College. When a vacancy arises through a student leaving the College, the child at the top of the relevant waiting list will be offered the place. Replacement offers are made when required, at any time of the year, depending on when a vacancy occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many families have similar questions regarding Radford College waiting lists and enrolment. Please read further here: Frequently Asked Questions


Tours in 2014

Dates for 2014 tours of the College campus.

Current Fees & Charges

Fees and charges for Radford College are set by the College Board each year, in October. 

Fee schedule 2014

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Registrar Contact Details

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions above before phoning or emailing the Registrar, as answers to most queries are provided there.

Any changes to existing registrations (including contact details and requests for change of preferred year of entry) must be made in writing: via email is acceptable.

Email: registrar@radford.act.edu.au

Tel: (02) 6162 6212 / Fax: (02) 6162 6238
International: +61 2 6162 6212

The Registrar
Radford College
1 College Street