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Chaplaincy Service
Radford College acknowledges the assistance provided by the Federal Government under The National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP). Our service activities are wide ranging and aim to engage students and our wider community. The NSCSWP supports our Chaplain to deliver our Radford Awareness and Service Program. Activities within this program are over and above the delivery of the Radford curriculum and are therefore voluntary. Questions or comments about the service can be directed to the College Chaplain. Each year the College undertakes a community survey and within survey obtains feedback about its community service and engagement activities, including those delivered under this service.



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What you can do...

All families associated with Radford College join the P&F as ordinary members for a nominal annual charge. The Radford College Parents and Friends Association is an important part of the college community. We raise funds each year for equipment and facilities for students, and our Friends of Radford (FoR) groups support a number of particular cocurricular activities.

We work cooperatively with the College’s Board by providing a forum for discussing educational and general school matters, putting forward suggestions, and providing feedback on proposed strategies involving things of interest to you as a parent.

Visit the P&F page for more details...


Friends of Radford (FoR) Groups

Within Radford College we have many Friends of Radford Groups (FoR). The main aim of these groups is to provide a support structure for the various cocurricular groups. These groups organise and run fundraising activities to assist with purchase of equipment, tours and end of season dinners. The groups can also provide coaching and/or managerial support. The current Friends of Radford cocurricular groups are:

Contact the Sports Assistants: Peter Wallensky or Brad Luhrs for details.


Friends of Radford Football (FoRF)

FORF is made up of parents who wish to see Football develop and flourish at Radford. Our support is provided in a number ways, including the provision of referees, a canteen, information evenings, financing of equipment and initiatives which assist with the development of school football.
Please contact Sports Administrator Peter Wallensky with any queries about FoRF.


Friends of Radford Music (FoRM)

FORM supports Radford's cocurricular and curricular music programs. This support is provided via assistance with various musical events and a number of fund raising efforts. Meetings are held twice a term in the Performing Arts Centre.

The FORM convenor is Ian Gordon, who can be contacted via email at idgordon@me.com or phone on 0417 458 102.